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People's needs change quickly and sometimes very unexpectedly. Neither the concept of buying a car nor that of a car lease corresponds to these needs. Many of us drive cars that don't even meet our expectations anymore. Still driving a family van even though the children have already moved out? A diesel engine, even though the car is most of the time only used for shopping? Always on the road in an SUV, although you absolutely need the 4x4 drive only once every 2 years? The time had come to come up with a solution. For you, but also for the sake of our environment.

We at Carvolution are convinced that mobility cannot be a compromise solution. Although public transport, combined with Uber or car sharing, covers many needs, most of us are still willing to have our own car.

That is why we have launched our Carvolution service in 2018. With us you don't have to buy or lease a car. You choose your car, the duration and enjoy having exactly the car you want. When the duration expires, you can easily return it or extend the duration. All inclusive and without restrictions.

Adrian boss

Adrian Boss

Fleet Manager

Anna lena buscetta

Anna-Lena Buscetta

Operations Manager

Atakan Hizli

Atakan Hizli

Operations Manager


Bernhard Drüner



Christian Räber


Ferdinand Vogler

Ferdinand Vogler

Product Manager

Francisco Sanchez

Francisco Sanchez


Henning Albrecht.

Henning Albrecht

Head B2B


Isabelle Schaffner

Marketing Manager

Jan Spätli

Jan Spälti

Intern Operations


Joshua Olmesdahl

Sales Manager


Jonas Hager

Head of Sales & Customer Success

Kaushikan sathiaruban

Kaushikan Sathiaruban



Kevin Korac

Software Engineer

Konrad Schütz

Konrad Schütz

Sales Manager B2B


Léa Miggiano



Lesliana Guye-Vuillème

Sales & Marketing Manager


Lucas Montalvà

Creative Director


Luis Wittwer


Lukas Aeschlimann

Lukas Aeschlimann


Luuk Spijkerman

Luuk Spijkerman

Head of Performance and Digital

Miriam riser

Miriam Riser



Mirko Strugalovic

Sales Manager

Noe infantino

Noè Infantino

Special Project Manager

Kofler Olivier CEO Carvolution

Olivier Kofler


Patrick gülsen

Patrick Gülsen

Support Operations

Rinaldo linder

Rinaldo Linder

Sales Manager

Robert Ruza

Robert Ruza


Robin Schmid

Robin Schmid

Software Engineer


Saskia Struffenegger

Inside Sales Assistant B2B

Silvan brugger

Silvan Brügger

Intern Marketing & Sales


Stéphane Pinheiro

Marketing Manager

Steven mendt

Steven Mendt

Software Engineer

Tracy Mrsic.

Tracy Mrsic

Sales Manager

How we picked up speed

From the idea to the implementation

Carvolution has existed since 2018. Although we are located in Bannwil in the canton of Bern, Carvolution's home is all over Switzerland. From A for Aarau to Z for Zurich; no matter where you live, you can order a car from anywhere and soon experience an easy mobility solution provided by Carvolution.
Since our foundation, more than 30 employees of which we are of course particularly proud have joined our team. Our customers have also played their part, they challenge us to improve our service and thanks to them, we learn more every day. Above all, we believe that mobility can be made easier and more available to broad public and this belief has been strengthened since the creation of our company. We have been through plenty of experiences since our foundation. Now, we are more convinced than ever that the long overdue customization of one's own car is a reality.

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