About us

A team, car and
a vision

Simple mobility

Carvolution makes it possible

The basis of Carvolution are Mobility as a service, hand in hand with a sophisticated vehicle fleet. The combination of service and technology creates a new approach to mobility and provides the foundation for a sustainable mobility development.

Carvolution stands for simple, immediate and sustainable mobility.

Our central location is in Bannwil in the canton of Bern, but we are at home all over Switzerland. From a like Aarau to Z like Zurich; Wherever you live, from anywhere you can order a car from us and soon experience the simple mobility of Carvolution.

Adrian boss

Adrian Boss


Anna lena buscetta

Anna Lena Buscetta

Manager Fleet Management


Bernhard Drüner



Christian Räber


Daniel abebe

Daniel Abebe



Joshua Olmesdahl

Sales Manager


Kevin Korac

Software Engineer


Léa Miggiano



Luis Wittwer



Mirko Strugalovic

Sales Manager

Patrick gülsen

Patrick Gülsen

Support Operations

Sonja meier

Sonja Meier


Steven mendt

Steven Mendt

Software Engineer


Usha Trepp

Marketing Manager

Yannick neuhaus

Yannick Neuhaus

Intern Graphic & Design

How we picked up speed

From the idea to the implementation

Carvolution has no long story, at least not yet. A few months ago to bring it to the day on October 10, 2017, the carvolution story started. The impulse was not a spectacular meeting with an impressive presentation, but rather a simple mail with the words: "Here is a draft of the idea". The idea persisted in our minds and became more and more concrete through various conversations, with different people. Our conviction that mobility can be made easier and more accessible has been fortified; Mobility as a service that gives people real added value. The original idea united with this conviction has propelled us and enabled us to overcome the stumbling blocks while enjoying the beautiful experiences that beginnings bring. Now we are picking up speed... Today our story continues, complemented by an important point: our customers and you too!

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