4 reasons why


4 reasons why


All-in-one solution

The monthly subscription price includes everything except fueling. Registration, taxes, insurance, home delivery, vignette, tyre change, services, half-yearly vehicle change and maintenance. You have all your costs under control and you always know exactly what your car costs. All you have to put gas yourself.


Cancel monthly

You can return or switch your car at any time with 30 days' notice. There is no contractual obligation. So that you can react flexibly to changes in your life at any time; job changes, trips abroad, new family members, new needs. Our solution adapts to your needs.

Commitment free

No down payment

No capital investment required. It's so commitment free, that you just have to try it out. No money tied to the vehicle and at the same time you are permanently driving your car - without any commitment.


We take care

You already have a car? We support you with the sale. And we deliver your new car right to your front door. We also take care of claims processing, insurance claims, tyre changes, services and maintenance. So you're always on the move, carefree.