Best Price Guarantee

With our Best Price Guarantee, we show you how affordable our car subscription is compared to leasing. If our costs are higher, we will reduce the subscription price for you.

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Guaranteed never to pay too much

With Carvolution you not only get a first-class car subscription, but also the certainty that you benefit from the lowest total costs for your car.


Compare with
leasing assumptions


Compare with your
leasing offer

Get a free comparison for your car subscription

Configure your subscription for any car and we'll send you a total cost comparison based on general assumptions about the cost of leasing.

Questions & Answers

Compare with leasing assumptions

What do I get when I request a total cost comparison?

You will receive an individual comparison that shows your personal savings potential. For the comparison, simply select the appropriate subscription (car, kilometre package and canton) and we will shortly send you the cost comparison by e-mail.

Why can't I compare the leasing rate directly with the car subscription?

While everything from insurance to tyres and taxes is included in a car subscription, these costs are additional for a leased car. Therefore, it is important to always compare the total costs and not make the mistake of only considering the leasing rate.

What assumptions are made for the comparison?

For the interest rate and the down payment for leasing, we make the usual assumptions (you can find the details here). If you would like a comparison with other assumptions, we will of course adapt the comparison for you on request.

Why can't I choose a contract duration for the cost comparison?

To make the comparison as fair as possible, we try to compare a 36-month car subscription with a 36-month lease wherever possible.

If this is not possible, for example because we do not offer a certain car for 36 months on a subscription, but only for shorter durations, then we leave the duration for leasing at least at 24 months, as shorter leasing contracts are very unusual in practice.

In most cases, the car subscription is not only more flexible, but also cheaper.

Get the best price guarantee on your car subscription

Configure your subscription for any car, send us your leasing offer and we'll look at the overall cost comparison together. If your lease is cheaper, we will reduce the subscription price for you.

Questions & Answers

Compare with your leasing offer

How do I compare a subscription and a lease correctly?

It is important to make the comparison on the basis of the same framework conditions. This means that the model as well as the configuration of the car, the contract term, the kilometre package, the scope of insurance, the deductible as well as the down payment or other additional services must be identical in order to enable a fair comparison. A deviation from our list price will be taken into account up to a maximum of +/- 5 %.

What documents are needed for the Best Price Guarantee?

The more documents we have to ensure the comparability of the offers, the better it is. A leasing offer and an insurance offer are the most important. The other information on operating costs or cantonal taxes can be determined on the basis of TCS data or information from the respective canton. Leasing conditions that are part of company offers or other promotions are excluded. In addition, the leasing offer must be offered in Swiss retail or Swiss online shops. The documents and offers submitted must not be older than 30 days.

Is the Best Price Guarantee available for all cars?

Yes, you are welcome to send us your comparison offers and we will check the comparison for all our cars. If your offer is cheaper, we will reduce your subscription price.

Who can benefit from the Best Price Guarantee?

The Carvolution Best Price Guarantee applies to private customers. Excluded are leasing conditions that are part of company offers or other promotions. For enquiries from corporate customers, please contact us.

What do I get if my leasing offer is cheaper?

It is quite possible that the leasing rate will be lower than our monthly car subscription. However, the Best Price Guarantee compares not only the monthly instalments, but also the total costs of leasing with those of the car subscription. Therefore, it is important to also take into account information on insurance and running costs.
If the total costs of leasing are actually lower than the total costs of the car subscription, you will receive the car subscription at the total leasing cost price (total costs of leasing/month).

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