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Your business needs new cars? Do you want a flexible, affordable and electric or climate-neutral mobility solution? Get a consultation now!

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The all-inclusive bundle for every car by subscription

The simplicity of the all-inclusive bundle makes the difference: There is no need to worry about the right insurance, the cantonal redemption or the seasonally appropriate tyres. Everything around the car in the subscription is included with Carvolution.

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That's how the car subscription works

Select the car of your choice and adapt your car subscription to your individual needs.
With us, everything is easy, from ordering and handing over the car to changing the tyres and ending the subscription.

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You want to let cars shine in the colours of your company? Then let customers of the Carvolution car subscription attract attention on the road with a foil wrapping of your brand. If you are interested, please contact us.

What our clients say about the car subscription

Woman with car
Laura Perez, Mobility Coordinator DPR Construction

We appreciate the great and proactive customer service from Carvolution. Communication was very easy from the beginning and still is.

Employee car from Audi
Willi Gebert, CFO Feusi AG

My employees and I are very satisfied with Carvolution. The pick-up of the vehicles was also an experience in itself. The cars were explained in detail and time was taken for all our questions.

Man happy with his car
Beni Huber, CEO ECCO2 Solutions AG

Thanks to Carvolution, the car-related costs are transparent, which is very useful, especially for our temporary projects. In addition, the administrative effort is minimal and I can concentrate on my core tasks.

Reto breitenmoser
Reto Breitenmoser, CIO atexxi systems AG

The whole process, from ordering to collecting the car, was very easy and all the staff at Carvolution are always extremely friendly. We are very satisfied.

Guy with mask gets into car
Tanja Lackstätter, Office Managerin lazoona

Carvolution has minimised our expenses around cars to such an extent that I can concentrate fully on my core tasks. This is a huge relief.

Nicolas Müntener 1
Nicolas Müntener, Managing Director Alpen-Park GmbH

Cool young company - very friendly and very professional. At Carvolution you get a complete, hassle-free package for your car and you feel really safe.

Lida Ahmadi 1
Lida Ahmadi, CEO Snäx AG

Our car was on our doorstep just three days after the first phone call - I am still thrilled with this record time. A cool, young and above all flexible team that is a pleasure to work with. Keep it up Carvolution!

Paola Mangold 1
Paola Mangold, HR-Manager Ashfield-sellxpert AG

As a new customer, we are delighted with the Carvolution service. User-friendliness, ease, speed and simplicity are our keywords. We will certainly continue to expand our fleet.

Tobias Kehrli 5406 1
Tobias Kehrli, Managing Director Ermed AG

In our daily work, the customer expects a high degree of flexibility and professional total solutions from a single source. What the customer demands from us, we also demand from our service providers, which is why Carvolution is the perfect partner for us!

Brigitte Kaps 1
Brigitte Kaps, CEO & Founder Only1life AG

Booking, advice and handling are not complicated. The handover of the vehicle was quick and easy. This customer-experience provided by Carvolution can hardly be surpassed by other providers.

Esther Cahn 1
Esther Cahn, CO-Founder / CEO Signifikant Solutions AG

Carvolution has enabled me to get vehicles quickly and easily. I particularly appreciated the fully digital process. As Carvolution also takes care of the insurance and vehicle registration, I was able to keep the administrative side to a minimum and concentrate on my core business.

Questions and answers

Find out everything you want to know.

How does the free CO2 compensation work?

With the free CO2 offset, all emissions from your fuel are offset. Together with Carvolution and our partner myclimate, you can offset all direct and indirect emissions free of charge. For this purpose, every car comes with an AVIA fuel card. With this card, we can record the kilometres fuelled and offset them for free for your entire fleet.

Do I get special conditions as a business customer with Carvolution?

Our prices are already so well calculated that we do not need to offer special conditions. However, our large customers with 8 or more cars have the opportunity to benefit from even lower prices.

Does Carvolution also offer commercial vehicles?

At the moment we do not offer commercial vehicles. However, this may change. You can always keep up to date by taking a look at our cars or by subscribing to our newsletter.

What is behind the "Super Flex" offer?

We know that companies today need more and more flexibility. Super Flex offers your company certain cars at special prices, which can be canceled every 30 days for as little as 2 months.

I need the private share for my vehicles. Can Carvolution help here?

Of course we support you with the calculation of the private share. Just contact your B2B account manager.

We would like to put our company's advertising on our company cars. Is that possible?

Partial or full wrapping is of course possible, as long as everything is removed without residue when the vehicle is returned.

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