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Your new business car with the all-inclusive bundle. Predictable total costs, minimal effort and as flexible as your company needs it.

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Cars for fixed mobility budgets

Choose the right fleet and get advice

Does your fleet consist of only one vehicle now and in the future? Or does it consist of several? Just ask for a consultation.

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Specific car subscription solutions for corporate customers

Free digital fleet management

  • Digital driver's logbook
  • Booking tool for pool vehicles
  • GPS tracking and monitoring of all vehicles

Fixed mobility budget

  • Allowance Programm
  • Minimal effort for the company and employees
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The all-inclusive bundle for every car by subscription

The simplicity of the all-inclusive bundle makes the difference: There is no need to worry about the right insurance, the cantonal redemption or the seasonally appropriate tyres. Everything around the car in the subscription is included with Carvolution.

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Service & maintenance
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Initial highway vignette
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That's how the car subscription works

Select the car of your choice and adapt your car subscription to your individual needs.
With us, everything is easy, from ordering and handing over the car to changing the tyres and ending the subscription.

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Questions and answers

Find out everything you want to know.

Do I get special conditions as a business customer with Carvolution?

Our prices are already so well calculated that we do not need to offer special conditions. However, our large customers with 8 or more cars have the opportunity to benefit from even lower prices.

Does Carvolution also offer commercial vehicles?

At the moment we do not offer commercial vehicles. However, this may change. You can always keep up to date by taking a look at our cars or by subscribing to our newsletter.

How does the fleet management tool "FleetPro" work and what does it cost me?

The software from our partner Autosense offers you a wide range of options for digitally managing your fleet - no matter if large or small. You can keep digital logbooks, file the appropriate tax documents or even use the practical booking tool for your fleet cars. And by the way, everything is free of charge and included in the monthly price of your subscription. For more information, we would love to organise a training session for you.

In our company, we have a fixed monthly mobility budget for our employees. Does Carvolution also have an offer for this?

Together with our partner Trafi, we have developed an app that allows your employees to choose different mobility options that fit their budget. A back-office tool allows you, on the company side, to easily manage the individual budgets. Our experienced B2B account managers will be happy to help you with it as well.

What is behind the "Super Flex" offer?

We know that companies today need more and more flexibility. Super Flex offers your company certain cars at special prices, which can be canceled every 30 days for as little as 2 months.

I need the private share for my vehicles. Can Carvolution help here?

Of course we support you with the calculation of the private share. Just contact your B2B account manager.

I would like to sell my existing company car. Can I do this with you?

We are happy to help you with this too. Through our subordinate company Farie, you can have your company cars valued easily, quickly and online - and all of this is completely free of charge.

We would like to put our company's advertising on our company cars. Is that possible?

Partial or full wrapping is of course possible, as long as everything is removed without residue when the vehicle is returned.

What our clients say about the car subscription

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