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These cars were previously on a car subscription and are now for sale. All cars are in top condition and ready for a test drive!

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All our cars for sale are listed on Autoscout and are available for viewing at our office in Bannwil. They are all young used cars, well-equipped, accident-free and in top condition. Are you interested in a vehicle? Then get in touch.

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Automatic | Electro | 119 HP (87 kW) | Front-wheel drive

7'850 km


Kachel auto kaufen X5

X5 40d M Sport

Automatic | Mild-Hybrid | 340 PS (250 kW) | All-wheel drive

50'400 km


Kachel auto kaufen tiguan r

308 GT

Automatic | Plug-in hybrid | 181 PS (133 kW) | Front-wheel drive

6'400 km


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Questions and answers about Carvolution's car subscription

General information

What do I need to consider before buying?

You can choose your new car and configure it as you wish. The purchase and running costs are very high. A car usually pays for itself only after 6-8 years.

Besides the purchase price, what else do you have to pay?

The purchase price of a new car is not the whole story. You also have to pay for insurance, cantonal redemption, taxes, tyres and tyre storage, as well as servicing and maintenance. These costs add up quickly.

Do I have to pay cash for a car or can I finance it?

It is possible to pay cash for a car or to finance it. Financing can be arranged through the seller's bank or an external bank. However, you should bear in mind that interest will be charged and therefore the total price of the car will be higher.

What happens if the car needs to be repaired?

If the car needs to be repaired, the owner is responsible for the cost. However, in some cases, warranties or insurances can step in and cover some or all of the costs. It is important to find out about warranties and insurances in advance and choose a suitable option if necessary.

Is buying a car the best solution for me?

In addition to a number of advantages such as free choice, configuration, use and design, buying a car also involves a high financial outlay. Buying a car is therefore usually only financially worthwhile after 6-8 years. Other solutions such as car subscriptions offer flexible, financially more attractive solutions for a period of use of between 3 months and 4 years. Ultimately, the choice between buying a car, a car subscription or other solutions depends on individual needs, financial means and the planned useful life of the car. There is no clear-cut best option, but each approach has advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully weighed up.

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