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The maximum duration of your car subscription has been reached, but you've fallen in love? We would be happy to check whether you can buy your car.

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Taking over the car after the subscription

We are happy to check whether it is possible for you to take over your car. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all cars. However, in order for us to check the option and then make you a non-binding purchase offer, we only need a few details from you about the car.


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With your details about the car, we can check whether a takeover is possible.


Receive purchase offer

If a takeover is possible, you will receive a non-binding purchase offer from us.


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Do you want to accept the purchase offer or drive another car on a subscription?

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Non-binding consultation

Questions and answers about buying the car

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Why is it not possible to buy every car?

At Carvolution we work with various residual value partners. Residual value partners are, for example, small or even larger garages. In some cases, the garages insist on using the car for their own use at the end of the subscription, which is why we cannot make an offer on all cars.

How is the purchase offer composed?

As the process is simple, we can offer very attractive sale prices. If you decide to keep and buy the car after the subscription, there is no take-back and the car does not need to be reconditioned. The sales price is therefore below the regular Eurotax price and thus below the usual market prices.

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