Buying a car, the most important facts in brief

How does buying a car work? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Are there risks involved in buying a car? What are the alternatives? Questions and answers can be found here.

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Buying a car: How does it work?

If you want to buy a car, there are a few things to consider. First of all, you should think about how long you want to drive your car. From a financial point of view, buying a car is usually only worthwhile if it has a useful life of around 6-8 years. This is because depreciation is particularly high in the first few years. In addition to depreciation, it is important to budget for more than just the purchase price when buying a car, because in addition to the purchase price, you also have to pay for everything related to the car. This includes insurance, service and maintenance, cantonal taxes and tyres.

When buying a car, you can choose from an almost unlimited selection and configure it yourself, i.e. find exactly what you are looking for, as long as it fits your budget. However, you are bound by this decision, because if you sell the car after a few years, you often end up with a high depreciation charge. If your needs change, you can sell your car again, but this usually involves a lot of time and money, as the car loses a lot of its value after only a short period of use. In general, the time involved in buying a car should not be neglected, as all administrative tasks from insurance to registration, repairs and tyre changes have to be organised and paid for by yourself.

One advantage of buying a car is that you are the owner. This means that you have the freedom to design and modify your car according to your own wishes. At the same time, you have no kilometre limits or other restrictions, such as driving abroad or whether animals can be taken along, for example. You also save money in the long term. So if you drive your car for 6 years or more, the purchase is worthwhile in most cases. The only thing to bear in mind is that increased mileage or heavy wear and tear will reduce the resale value.

On the other hand, the high purchase costs and high and sometimes uncertain running costs such as insurance, maintenance and repairs are disadvantageous. These costs are spread over the year and are therefore often underestimated or forgotten altogether. In addition to the running costs, the loss in value should not be neglected. This is because you bear the loss in value and thus also the resale risk of the car you have bought yourself. If you want to resell your car at a later date, this can sometimes prove to be very troublesome.

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How does it work?

What do you have to consider when buying a car and what are the advantages and disadvantages?


Questions and answers

The most important questions and answers about buying a car.

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Minimise risks and disadvantages

You need your own car, but are afraid of the financial risks and the expense. Discover the car subscription.

All-inclusive car subscription or buying a car?

What many people don't know is that a car on subscription offers many advantages over buying. Lower costs, less risk and more freedom. Simply request a non-binding offer and discover the price advantage.

Leasing or car all inclusive

Alternative all-inclusive solution to buying: The car subscription

Buying your own car involves a great deal of personal responsibility, time, money and risk. To reduce these risks and the effort, there is the car subscription. With the car subscription you have many advantages of your own car and no administrative effort. The car comes in an all-inclusive package, which means that insurance, registration, taxes, tyres as well as maintenance and service are included in a fixed monthly price. Find out more about the car subscription as a simple, flexible and affordable alternative to buying a car.

Questions and answers about buying a car

What do I need to know before buying a car?

You can choose your new car and configure it according to your wishes. The purchase price and running costs are very high. Financially, buying a car is usually only worthwhile after 6-8 years.

What else do you have to pay in addition to the purchase price?

The purchase price for a new car is not enough. You also have to pay for insurance, cantonal registration, taxes, tyres and tyre storage as well as services and maintenance. These costs add up quickly.

Do I have to pay cash for a car or can I finance it?

It is possible to pay cash for a car or to finance it. Financing can be arranged through the seller's bank or an external bank. However, you should bear in mind that interest will be charged and therefore the total price of the car will be higher.

What happens if the car needs to be repaired?

If the car needs to be repaired, the owner has to pay for it. However, in some cases, warranties or insurance may step in and cover some or all of the costs. It is important to find out about warranties and insurance in advance and choose a suitable option if necessary.

Is buying a car the best solution for me?

In addition to some advantages such as free choice, configuration, use and design, a car purchase also comes with a high financial cost. Therefore, buying a car is only financially worthwhile after 6-8 years. Other solutions such as the car subscription offer flexible, financially more attractive solutions for a period of use between 3 months and 4 years. Ultimately, the choice between car purchase, car subscription or other solutions depends on the individual needs, financial possibilities and the planned useful life of the vehicle. There is no clear best option, but each approach has advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully weighed.

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