Car return

Your car return usually takes about 45 minutes. Here is a brief summary of the most important information.

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Before the return

Please bring your car washed and fully fuelled or loaded to Bannwil for return.

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Next charging station

Gaswerkstrasse 41
4900 Langenthal


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AVIA filling station

Moosbachstrasse 9
4911 Schwarzhäusern
Car wash

Nearest car wash

SB Wash-Center

Langenthalstrasse 50
4912 Aarwangen


The return takes place at our premises in Bannwil. There we have the necessary infrastructure including a lifting platform.

For the car return, the tank must be filled up and the car must be cleaned inside and out.

Bannwil map arrival to Carvolution office

On the return



Park your car in the parking lot indicated for
returns and register at the reception.



The car will be inspected by us for damage and wear and tear. During this time you can relax and have a cup of coffee.



Together we will draw up the return protocol and, if necessary, record any damage and traces of wear and tear.

After the return

Evaluation & final statement

After the return, the damages will be assessed and, if necessary, billed within 4 weeks.

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