Car subscription provider comparison

Car subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. There is also more and more choice on the provider side. Carvolution, as pioneer of the car subscription, has compared the different providers.

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Here's what you should look out for when comparing car subscription providers


Read reviews

How satisfied existing customers and former customers are often says a lot about the car subscription providers. Be sure to read not only the latest and best comments, but also those that describe a critical situation. How did the car subscription provider react in the event of an accident, etc.


What is included?

At first glance, the offers of the car subscription providers often look similar. However, there are some points in which they clearly differ. For example, how much does an additional kilometre cost and are the kilometres transferred from one month to another?


Condition of the cars

How old is the car, how many kilometres does it already have? These are important questions, because the older a car is, the more unpredictable it becomes. The equipment is also important: do you want a cruise control, a navigation system or other equipment? Asking briefly is usually worthwhile.


Service and handling

Since everything is included in the price, some providers save on the service offer or the insurance coverage. Imagine you have a breakdown abroad and find out that you are not properly insured. This is annoying. Other questions that need to be answered are: How does the tyre change take place and what happens when the service is due?

Carvolution and the car subscription

Carvolution brought the concept around the car subscription to Switzerland. It can therefore be said that Carvolution has emerged as a pioneer of car subscription providers. The company was founded in Switzerland in 2018.

The main goal is to offer reliable, new cars at low prices. This, so that customers don't have to worry about anything.
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Neues Auto, tiefe Preise, zufriedene Kunden



To make all this possible, Carvolution buys cars in large quantities.

Customers benefit from these discounts not only on the cars themselves, but also on insurance, taxes and maintenance.



Another advantage of Carvolution is the flexible minimum duration

customers, whether private individuals or business customers, can choose between 6 and 36 months. If desired, the car can even be delivered to the front door.

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Carvolution has the vision that everyone can own a new car quickly and easily.

The car subscription is adapted to your own needs and does not contain any financial surprises.

More providers of car subscriptions

Rental companies

Other car subscription providers that stand in comparison to Carvolution are rental companies. If you buy a car there, you usually get a used car. Rental companies have large fleets. If a car that is just standing around can be rented for a longer period of time, this is an advantage for the companies. As rental companies are experts in short-term rentals, i.e. holiday car rentals, they usually have a lot of kilometres. Therefore, car subscriptions of rental companies include many kilometres. But hardly anyone drives more than 5,000 kilometres a month in their daily life. For people who don't drive that much, most car subscriptions from classic rental companies such as Hertz Minilease or Sixts Seasonal Flat are overpriced, as they have no use for the many kilometres. Furthermore, many details have to be paid for additionally, such as the motorway toll sticker and home delivery is only possible to a limited extend. With Sixt+, however, Sixt has now launched a car subscription in the classic sense, with au smaller mileage packages. Additional drivers still have to pay extra.

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Manufacturers are also involved in the market when it comes to car subscriptions. In comparison, however, they are rather expensive. Manufacturers want to counteract the declining brand loyalty and additionally attract new, much younger target groups to their brands. That's why they offer with their subscriptions that you can often change the model. This makes manufacturers' car subscriptions relatively expensive. Most manufacturers are currently still testing their concept in the USA or Germany. In Switzerland, BMW Abo or Toyota Rent is present with its car subscription model.


In a short time, many companies have been founded that are based on the Carvolution concept and also offer car subscriptions. The different car subscription providers have different focuses. Juicar, for example, only offers electric cars. Juicar comes from Alpiq, so interest in the power supply is very high. Carify has focused on working with a dealer and only offers stock vehicles and used cars. Some Carify car subscriptions include over 100,000 kilometres, so at first glance the costs seem very attractive. However, one should not forget that the car is used accordingly. However, Clyde, the spin-off of the Amag, has only a very limited choice of cars. This is because even there, only cars that did not make it onto the road in the classic sale or leasing process are included in the portfolio. In some cases, Clyde also has leasing returns. Upto, the spin-off of AXA, also offers cars on subscription. The choice of vehicles is medium and the minimum term is 6 months. So does Emil Frey move, the spin-off of Emil Frey, ViveLaCar, FlatDrive, Gowago, Arval, Auto Kunz, von Rotz, Auto Abo Wohlensee, e-JOY, moeo, INSTADRIVE and navigas mobility.

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Overall impression

The providers are generally diverse and all come from different industries with different backgrounds. The car subscription is often a means to an end, i.e. a support of the actual core business. We at Carvolution have no background in the automotive, electricity, train or insurance industries - we are the experts in the car subscription business and are committed to offering our customers the best prices and the best service.

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