The car subscription and everything you need to know

The Carvolution car subscription is becoming more and more popular. Find out everything about the inexpensive alternative to buying and leasing here.

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All info about the car subscription

What you should know about the car subscription.

  • You drive your own new car with an all-inclusive package at a fixed monthly price. (Learn more about the all-inclusive package)
  • This monthly fixed price is clearly calculable and you always have an overview of the total costs of your car.
  • The all-inclusive package includes everything related to your car. Whether it's insurance, taxes, tyres or cantonal redemption.

A car that adapts to your life

You configure the car subscription yourself. (Learn more about the car subscription)

  • You decide how long you want to drive your new car, how big your mileage package is and what your insurance cover should be.
  • Afterwards, the car is redeemed cantonally, refurbished and can optionally be delivered to your home.
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Questions and answers about the car subscription

What is included in the Carvolution-Service?

Not counting the fuel, everything is already included in the Carvolution-Service. Insurance (third party liability, collision, partial casco), license plates registered in your canton of residence, taxes, initial highway vignette, tyres, tyre change and tyre storage, maintenance and service - everything is included. (Learn more about the all-inclusive package)

Why can we offer such good prices?

We buy the cars in large quantities and can thus benefit from substantial discounts which we pass on directly to our customers. At the same time we have no middlemen and benefit from our lean and digital organization.

How long can I expect it to take between the payment and the delivery of my car?

If the car is available immediately, it usually takes us 10 working days after receipt of payment before we can deliver it to you. During these 10 days, we will take care of the paperwork for you (licence plates, vehicle registration, etc.). If there is an explicit date in the availability section, your car will be available within 10 working days from that date. Some cars take a little longer than others. This is due to the fact that we have some cars in stock and others are still in the process of being acquired.

Can my car be delivered to my home?

Of course, if you wish, we are happy to deliver your car to your home, to your work place or at even to the airport. The main criteria is that it has to be in Switzerland. We do not calculate distance or time we just charge a fixed fee of 180 CHF for the delivery. It goes without saying that you can also choose to come and get your car for free at our place. (Learn more about the all-inclusive package)

Am I allowed to let others drive?

Of course. It is your car and you can choose who you allow at the wheel. The only rule you have to be careful about is that the driver has to be allowed to drive in Switzerland. In other words: the driver has to have a driver's license which is valid in Switzerland.

Where can I come to get my car?

You can come and get your car at our place in Bannwil, where our headquarters are situated. We will be happy to show you how it is behind scenes and give you a guided tour of our place. You will then be able to meet our team and our workshop. You will also be offered a selection of beverages you will be able to choose from.

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What our happy customers say

Patrick Mondi
Patrick Mondi

Congratulations to Carvolution AG and its employees. A young company that is really very committed. Without the annoying paperwork, hidden clauses and/or pitfalls. Renting a vehicle was the best option for us in terms of economy, cost control (fixed costs - no ifs and buts!) and flexibility.

Nathalie Belet
Nathalie Belet

I wanted to try a car for a longer period of time, but I did not want to commit to a full lease. I found the interaction with the staff extremely pleasant, fast, with modern communication methods like whatsapp and I felt very at comfortable with it every step of the way. I highly recommend it to everyone! Just try it and you will love it.

Mario Magnus Müller.
Mario Müller

What else can you say about Carvolution other than: Top notch! The prices are, if you compare all the costs, absolutely unbelievable and the contact with the staff couldn't be more simpler and friendlier. The car was more than I expected in terms of equipment and on my request to get a white car, I even accepted.

Niculina Kamber
Niculina Kamber

Carvolution has convinced and inspired me. The whole process was simple and Carvolution took good care of me. The delivery of the car was fast and professional. I am more than satisfied with the overall service and with my new car. I can warmly recommend Carvolution. A big thank you again to all of you.

Barry Copp
Barry Copp

What I like about them is the service, the entire car package being in one payment (insurance, maintenance & service, repairs, tyres, etc.) and they are very easy to deal with. They speak English, which is useful for me while I am still learning German. As a local Google guide, I highly recommend this company.

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