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Get your car subscription

All-inclusive except from petrol

Are you thinking of moving to Switzerland, or maybe you have already arrived?

Getting a car has never been easier. With a car subscription from Carvolution, you enjoy full flexibility without paperwork or hidden costs.


All-in-one solution

The monthly subscription price includes everything except petrol. We take care of registration, taxes, insurance, tyre change etc.


Cancel monthly

After a minimum period of 6 months, you are free to return the car, switch it for another or keep it as long as you like. Do you need more flexibility? Get a 3 months trial subscription.


We take care

You simply select your car online, have it delivered to your address in Switzerland or the airport upon arrival, and drive. We take care of everything else.

Mobility package

Included in the monthly subscription


The Carvolution Mobility package includes civil liability, personal damages, and travel support insurance.

Please observe the regulations on compulsory registration and deductibles in our terms and conditions. An accident insurance not covered, but is mandatorily required. Most people are insured through their employer insurance. You can also find more information in our terms and conditions."


All car taxes are paid by Carvolution. There is no cost for you in this respect.

Included mileage

The subscription includes 1'750 free kilometers per month. In case you want to drive more kilometers, call us - we will find a solution.


Every car of Carvolution is equipped with a motorway vignette for Switzerland.


The cars of Carvolution are registered in the Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden and are therefore equipped with a license plate starting with AI. On request, we can also check the possibility of an registration at your place of residence.

Service and maintenance

All service and maintenance costs are already included in the subscription price. In addition, Carvolution takes care of the entire coordination of the handling. Any service work on the car will of course be carried out close to you.


Carvolution ensures the car is always fitted with adequate tires. We change the tires directly at your location without any cost implications for you.

Change of vehicle

After a subscription period of 6 months, the car can be changed to another vehicle type. We will exchange the car directly at your place.

Get your CHF 390.- discount voucher

Benefit from our special deal for expats only. Get a CHF 390.- discount on your car subscription!

Step 1: fill in the form and get your voucher code via email.

Step 2: select your vehicle, and mention your voucher code in the section 'promotion code'. Please note: your code expires on 30 September 2019.