Ein klassisches Leasing vs. unserem all-inklusive Carvolution-Service

Bei uns gibt es weder eine hohe Anzahlung, noch musst du dich jahrelang binden. Dafür bieten wir denn all-inklusive Carvolution-Service, damit du alles aus einer Hand erhältst und sorglos dein neues Autos fahren kannst. Sorglos zu sein, bedeutet auch zu wissen, dass du nicht zu viel bezahlst. Wenn du unser Angebot nun mit anderen Möglichkeiten für dein neues Autos vergleichst, berücksichtige bitte folgendes:

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If you still find yourself in a position where leasing, a financing or renting seems to be cheaper, please get in touch with us and allow us to make you a better proposal. Even if you are looking for a young second-hand car, we can probably match the offer. What you get in return? Absolutely no hassle. No worries about taxes, insurances, winter tires or maintenance: We've got you covered.

Welcome to the Carvolution.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I buy the car in the end?
    You can, but this is not our core business. We determine per situation what is best for you and for us.

  2. When can I have the car?
    Depending on the make and model, it can be as quick as 10 working days.

  3. Can I terminate the contract on a monthly basis after the 6 months or does it go on for 6 new months after the first period?
    When your first period comes to an end, you can cancel the subscription monthly (based on sign-up period).

  4. Isn't the car subscription much more expensive?
    It would depend on the what you compare us to, but usually we are able to provide you with a value proposition that matches your situation. We are the most econmocal provider of car subscriptions in Switzerland according a recent Comparis study (in German).

  5. Can I choose the interior / equipment of the car?
    All our cars are pre-configured with a high trim level and we have a comprehensive set of available colors in stock. We only have limited options to customize your car, please get in touch with us about the options.

  6. Can I commit longer to the subscription in order to get a better price?
    We hope to offer this in the near future.
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