Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10Hyundai i10
850 KMMonthOccasional driverCHF322Month
1’750 KMMonthEveryday driverCHF366Month
3’250 KMMonthFrequent driverCHF569Month
Including fully comprehensive insuranceCHF83Month
Bring own insurance More informationdepending on the insurance
Your monthly costs:CHF 449

Additionally CHF 390 membership fee for new customers

Available at the earliest: on request

Minimal contract duration: 6 months

Stop by and enjoy a free test drive in Bannwil

Small car
1.0l - 66 HP
Front-wheel drive

The Carvolution Service

You only have to refuel 😉


Our insurance package includes liability insurance as well as fully comprehensive insurance. The deductible for fully comprehensive damage is CHF 1,000. There is no deductible for third-party liability and partial coverage claims. You may, of course, also ask to use your own insurance at the time of booking. However, it is mandatory that this insurance has at least the same coverage as ours. As a rule of thumb, it is easier and cheaper to book our insurance directly with your car subscription.


All car taxes are paid by Carvolution. There is no cost to you in this respect.

Included mileage

The subscription includes 850, 1'750 or 3'250 free kilometers per month. In case you want to drive more kilometers, call us - we'll find a solution.

Road tax sticker

Every car of Carvolution is equipped with a road tax sticker, the so called "Vigniette", for Switzerland.


The vehicles are registered in your canton of residence.

Service and maintenance

All service and maintenance costs are already included in the subscription price. In addition, Carvolution takes over the entire coordination of the handling. Any service work on the car will of course be carried out close to you.


Carvolution ensures the car is always fitted with adequate tires. We change the tires directly at your location without any cost implications for you.

Change of vehicle

After a subscription period of 6 months, the car can be changed to another vehicle type. We will exchange the car directly at your place.


All-in-one solution

The monthly subscription price includes everything except fueling. Registration, taxes, insurance, etc.

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Cancel monthly

After a minimum period of 3 months, you can return the car at any time with 30 days notice or change the subscription and continue with another car.

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Commitment free

No down payment

No capital investment required. It's so commitment free, that you just have to try it out.

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We take care

You already have a car? We support you with the sale. If you wish we deliver your new car right to your front door.

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Kundenfoto mark


"Thanks to the car subscription, I now have an alternative to leasing and buying a car."

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