Ford Weeks

Benefit from attractive prices on various Ford models, starting from CHF 389.- per month. With or without down payment, you decide!

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Your new car in the All-in-One subscription

Drive your Ford on subscription either with a down payment of CHF 3'600 and an additional discount or without a down payment. All models are available for a fixed duration of 24 months. Discover the flexibility and price advantage of the subscription now and get started.

The benefits of driving a car with Carvolution

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Everything about the car is included in the all-inclusive bundle. You only have to refuel/charge.

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What is included?

Included in the All-in-One package:

Car, fully comprehensive insurance, registration, taxes, services and maintenance, tyres and other extras.

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Choose whether you want to drive the car for a few months or several years and adjust your kilometre package.

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How flexible?

Flexible duration

With Carvolution, you decide yourself whether you want to drive the car for a few months or several years.

Flexible monthly mileage package

Whether you drive a few kilometres per month (850 kilometres) or many kilometres per month (3,250 kilometres) - the kilometre package can be conveniently adjusted in the app.

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Your affordable alternative to buying and leasing with clearly calculable total costs.

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Cheaper than buying or leasing

Although the monthly fixed price of the car subscription seems high at first glance, the total costs are low compared to leasing or buying a new car.

How to make a comparison
In order to make the comparison successful, you will find sample comparison calculations here, but also useful templates so that you can make an individual comparison.

Important: Never directly compare a leasing rate with a car subscription. This is because the subscription already includes all the costs for the car, whereas the leasing rate usually only covers the financing.

Total cost comparison made easy

In this video, using the Ford Puma as an example, you will learn how to make a total cost comparison of car subscription and leasing, why the Ford Puma subscription actually only costs CHF 200 and how you can now save up to CHF 5000.

The video is currently only available in German. If you have any questions about the calculation or if anything is still unclear, we will be happy to provide you with non-binding consultation and a personalised total cost calculation.

Non-binding consultation
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