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The concept

Your car at a monthly fee

What is included in the Carvolution-Service?

The subscription price includes fully comprehensive insurance & third-party liability (apart from the deductible per claim), registration in your canton of residence, taxes, tyres, tyre change and storage, service and maintenance and other extras such as Carvolution app access, the initial highway vignette and a fuel/charging card, which allows you to refuel/charge at reduced prices.

What is not included in the car subscription?

Basically, everything you need for your car is included. You only have to pay for the fuelling or charging yourself. Extra services such as a rim checks, additional services that are not due or the refilling of Ad Blue are not included. Likewise, child seats or other additional equipment must be purchased yourself.

Why can we offer such good prices?

We buy the cars in large quantities and can thus benefit from substantial discounts which we pass on directly to our customers. At the same time we have no middlemen and benefit from our lean and digital organization.

How long can I expect it to take between the payment and the delivery of my car?

If the car is available immediately, it usually takes us about two weeks after receipt of payment before we can deliver it to you. During these two weeks, we will take care of the paperwork for you (licence plates, vehicle registration, etc.). If there is an explicit date in the availability section, your car will be available within two weeks from that date. Some cars take a little longer than others. This is due to the fact that we have some cars in stock and others are still in the process of being acquired.

Where can I come to get my car?

You can come and get your car at our place in Bannwil, where our headquarters are situated. We will be happy to show you how it is behind scenes and give you a guided tour of our place. You will then be able to meet our team and our workshop. You will also be offered a selection of beverages you will be able to choose from.

Can my car be delivered to my home?

Of course, if you wish, we are happy to deliver your car to your home or to your work place. The main criteria is that it has to be in Switzerland. We do not calculate distance or time we just charge a fixed fee of 195 CHF for the delivery. It goes without saying that you can also choose to come and get your car for free at our place.

Am I allowed to let others drive?

Of course. It is your car and you can choose who you allow at the wheel. The only rule you have to be careful about is that the driver has to be allowed to drive in Switzerland. In other words: the driver has to have a driver's license which is valid in Switzerland.

Can I also get a number (red number plate) for the bicycle trailer from Carvolution?

Yes, definitely. We will order the red number plate for the bicycle carrier for you. It is best to let us know in advance so that we can enclose the numbers directly when we hand over the car. Otherwise we will send them by post. The costs for a red number plate are not included in the monthly subscription price and amount to CHF 40.

Can I use any digital services, such as the car manufacturer's apps and their additional functions, with my vehicle?

Of course you can use the digital services, i.e. the car apps or Internet access in the vehicle, wherever possible. Many car manufacturers now offer an app. For example, BMW (My BMW App), Honda (My Honda+) or Skoda (MyŠKODA App), to name but a few. If you want to get additional functions, you will have to pay extra. This way, everyone only pays for what they really need and the subscription does not necessarily become more expensive for everyone.

Your personal consultation on site

Simply visit us at our headquarters in Bannwil or in the office in Zurich. Over a cup of coffee, we'll be happy to help you personally and let you take a look behind the scenes. Of course, a consultation is non-binding and free of charge, because we are happy about every visit!

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Our cars

The vehicles

For which car models is the Carvolution-Service available?

You will find a list of all our cars here. You will find a broad description of cars as well as pictures and details about the equipment of the vehicles on our website. If you would like more information, we are happy to help you. If your dream car is not part of the list, you are welcome to contact us to check the current plans because we are always broadening are offer. It is possible that your dream car is already planned but that you just have to be a little patient. One more thing: all our cars are new or as new, so you can be sure that they always are equipped with the newest technology.

Which colors are available?

Most of our cars are either white, silver, dark grey or black. For a few models, however, we have more colorful options. Please contact us, so we can take your wishes into consideration.

Why do I have to choose a tyre partner?

If you get your car in summer, the matching winter tyres will be sent to your chosen tyre garage. In spring or winter, you simply make an appointment to have the tyres changed. In winter, your vehicle will already be delivered with winter tyres and the summer tyres will be stored at your tyre partner accordingly and vice versa.

How do I report damage?

If you have damage or an accident, you can report it directly in the app with just a few clicks.

When is a service necessary?

Your car shows you the service interval. Once you have requested a service, you can arrange an appointment with the relevant brand agency and have the service carried out.

Where does the car service take place? Do I have to go to Bannwil every time?

No, we work with a large network of partners to make servicing as easy as possible for you. You can simply drive to an official brand representative and have the service carried out. Simply show your Carvolution service card there and we will take care of the costs. You can find the service card in your app.

What costs will I incur for a service?

None. When making the appointment, tell your service advisor that it is a Carvolution vehicle and show him your Carvolution service card at the service reception on the day of the appointment. This ensures that the costs are settled directly via Carvolution.

Can I buy the car after the subscription?

Wherever possible, we will be happy to make you an offer to buy your car. Unfortunately, not every car can be purchased at the end of the subscription period. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you with information about individual vehicles.

Carvolution fuel card

Offset CO₂ for free or save 5 cents

How does the fuel card work?

The Carvolution fuel card allows you to fill up at any AVIA petrol station and offset CO₂ for free or receive a discount of 5 cents per litre. Between the 5th and 10th of each month, AVIA will invoice you the purchases of the previous month. In addition to the fuel card, our electric car drivers benefit from free evpass membership for one year. This means you can charge your electric car at more than 2000 charging stations in Switzerland at a reduced rate. Read more about this under the heading "Electric car".

How do I get my fuel card?

You can order your fuel card via the order form, which you fill out yourself, or we can fill it out together when the car is delivered. You will receive you card by mail within 3 days and you can immediately benefit from offsetting your CO₂ for free or the discount of 5 cents per litre.

How can I offset CO₂ for free with Carvolution?

The free CO₂ compensation applies to all customers who use the Carvolution fuel card from AVIA. Carvolution participates in the compensation of all customers who waive the 5 cent per litre discount and opt for the compensation of the fuel they fill up. By waiving the discount and receiving the subsidy from Carvolution, myclimate can offset not only direct emissions, but also indirect emissions.

How are emissions offset by Carvolution?

Carvolution works in partnership with myclimate to offset CO₂ emissions. When selecting projects, the aim is not to offset as cheaply as possible, but as wisely as possible. In concrete terms, the money is paid into a project portfolio to support several carbon offset projects. For example, "Solar Energy for Education and Employment" in Tanzania and "Smallholder Reforestation" in Uganda. The rebate that customers forgo roughly covers the direct emissions. Indirect emissions are also offset by Carvolution.

Why can the free CO₂ compensation only be done with the AVIA fuel card?

Climate protection is a common cause. However, Carvolution cannot offset CO₂ through its customer base. Only the fuel card can register, measure and thus compensate for the volume of fuel. This is why Carvolution encourages the use of the AVIA fuel card and thanks its customers for their willingness to forego the reduction in exchange for their support of climate protection.

Can I also decide not to pay any compensation?

Yes, it is also possible to receive a discount of 5 cents per litre. In this case, however, no CO₂ compensation will take place.

Our electric cars

The cars

Is a home charging station included?

No, but Helion is our partner. You can simply click on this link to go directly to an overview page with various charging stations. There you can get advice, request a quote and make an appointment for installation.

Does Carvolution help with the installation of the charging box?

We are happy to help with the basic questions. However, we recommend getting advice from an expert. Almost all electricians in your area will be happy to provide you information on the possibilities.

How much does the charging box cost?

The prices vary widely depending on the model. You can find a selection of charging stations at our partner Helion. But since all electric vehicles can be charged with it, it is a wise investment.

Is the charging cable included?

Yes, the charging cable is included.

Is "free supercharging" included with the Tesla?

No. Tesla also charges for this electricity, the days of 'free supercharging' are over.

What is evpass?

evpass operates the largest network of public charging stations in Switzerland. At these easy-to-use stations, which are equipped with integrated cables and plugs for all types of electric vehicles, evpass provides its users with certified local and renewable energy. As a Carvolution customer, you benefit from a free annual membership and can charge your new electric car at preferential rates.

How do I get a free one-year membership for the evpass charging network?

If you drive your electric car with the Carvolution car subscription, you will receive your code by email. You can redeem this code directly on the evpass.

How much will my membership cost after the first year?

For one year, we offer you the membership. After that, it will cost CHF 59.- per year. Of course, the membership will not be renewed automatically and will only be maintained on request. It is recommended that you continue your membership if you have more than three charges per month.

What are the advantages of evpass membership?

You will be charged CHF 0.45 per kWh for each charging process you carry out via the evpass network, instead of the usual CHF 0.50 per kWh. Plus, thanks to your membership, you don't have to pay the basic fee of CHF 1.50 per charge.

You can see the exact calculation on the evpass website under the heading Subscription - Explorer.

How do I pay for the recharge?

Either you get a card from evpass, or you can link your account to your Swisspass. Payment is made either by topping up your evpass account (prepaid), or by depositing a credit edge on your evpass account. Alternatively, you can pay directly at the charging station using Twint, SMS, iOS or Android app, a credit card, contactless debit card or Apple Pay.

Where are the evpass charging stations located?

In total, evpass operates more than 2000 charging stations. You can find the map and the exact locations here.

I already have an electric car from Carvolution, do I also get a free annual membership?

Of course, as an electric car driver you will also get a free annual membership to the evpass. Just contact us and we will take care of the rest.

The contract and billing

Fully transparent

What are the requirements?

You need a residence in Switzerland and a valid driving licence of Switzerland or Liechtenstein (category B). Regarding foreign driver's license, you will have to make sure that your license is approved in Switzerland. When checking your details, we will also check your credit score before sending you any contract. Unfortunately, we cannot except requests from customers who have registered debts or have a Certificate of Shortfall.

How does the payment work?

Before delivery, we charge the one-time initial flat rate of CHF 390.- and 2-monthly fees. The initial flat rate is a one-time fee and covers the registration and the order of your new license plates. We charge 2 monthly fees in advance as we do not require any security deposit.

Can promotions be cumulated?

No, promotions cannot be cumulated with other discounts.

How does the monthly kilometer package work?

At the start of the subscription, you set a kilometre package. We understand that you may drive a little more in some months because you may go on holiday and hardly use the car in other months. That's why we only take extra kilometres into account at the end of the subscription. This means that you can even out the kilometres over several months during the subscription period. You can track your mileage at any time via the app. You can also adjust your kilometre package yourself each month if you need more or fewer kilometres in the long term. If you drive a little too much overall, the additional kilometres will be deducted from the final bill.

How do I get the App?

Our Carvolution App is available on Google Play Store and in the App Store. You can only use the app once you are a customer. You will then receive your login data from us before the delivery. In the app you can manage your car, save your parking location and track how many kilometres you have driven.

How can I terminate the contract?

In your app, you can see when your car subscription started and how long your contractual minimum duration is. Once it has expired, you can cancel the car at any time at the end of the respective contract month.

Here is an example: If you received the car on 14.10.2018 with a minimum duration of 6 months, you can cancel it on 13.04.2019 at the earliest. The notice of termination must then be received by us by 14.03.2019 at the latest by registered letter or e-mail.

How does the car-return take place?

To return the car at the end of the duration, you arrange a return date with us and bring the car to our company headquarters in Bannwil. There are a few things to consider before, during and after the return.

We will then check the car together for signs of wear or damages. We compare these with the condition the car was in at the time of delivery.

Signs of usage are considered normal wear and tear and have no influence on the value of the vehicle with the appropriate age and mileage. They can generally be removed by cleaning and normal car maintenance.

We generally recommend that you clean the car or have it cleaned before returning it. You can find our return standards here.

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