The car subscription

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The concept

The car subscription

What is the car subscription?

The car subscription is the stress-free alternative to leasing and buying a car. You drive your car at a fixed monthly rate and we take care of everything else, so you have time for things that matter.

Is the monthly rate really all-inclusive?

Apart from refuelling, the monthly flat rate really includes all costs: insurance, registration, taxes, motorway sticker, tyres, tyre change, service and maintenance are included. We do not only relieve our customers of costs, but also of the hassle to do with their vehicle. We even take care of car service and tyre change at our customer’s homes - or their place of work. If you wish, you can also apply to use your own insurance.

How does the booking process work?

We have a simple booking process in 3 steps:

1. You select your vehicle online and book it through our contact form or by phone.

2. Once we have good news for you about your credit check and the availability of your vehicle, you pay a) the membership fee, plus the monthly rates for b) the current month pro rata, and c) the following month.

3. Your car is usually available 3-5 working days after receipt of payment. Then you can pick it up or we will deliver it to your home address.

What requirements do I need for a car subscription?

You need a Swiss residence and a valid Swiss driving licence of category B. We run an additional check on foreign driving licences. We will also perform a credit check.

Are there also offers for companies?

Yes, please contact us directly via email.

Can I also buy the car at the end of the subscription period?

Basically we offer our cars only as a subscription. However, it can happen that someone "falls in love" with their car. Talk to us, perhaps we will find a solution.

Our cars

The vehicles

When will my car be available?

Your car is either available from stock or in procurement. We do our best to make sure you get it as soon as possible. This usually takes 3 to 5 working days.

What car models do you have on offer?

Basically all our current car models are listed on the website. If you can’t find the car of your dreams, give us a call and we’ll try to find a solution together.

How old are the cars?

Our cars are either brand-new or current models in mint condition.

Why do all cars have AI number plates?

This gives us the flexibility to make a vehicle change possible without great effort and keeps costs down in your own interest. Upon request, it is also possible to order your own number plate. However, the minimum rental period here is 1 year and additional costs may be incurred.

Do I get more detailed information and pictures about the equipment?

On our website we have already listed a lot of important information about the vehicles. But you are welcome to ask us if you want to know more.

What colours do the cars have?

Our cars are usually white, silver-grey, anthracite or black, so no fancy colors. We can try to consider your wishes, but we cannot guarantee this.

What do I have to pay attention to when returning the car?

For a vehicle change or the return at the end of the subscription period, you arrange a return date with us and bring the car to our company headquarters in Bannwil. Together with you we will check the car for signs of use or damage. These we compare with the condition at the handover.

Traces of use are considered normal wear and tear and have no influence on the value of the vehicle with appropriate age and mileage. They can generally be repaired by cleaning and normal car preparation.

Examples of normal wear and tear are minor scratches or paint damage, provided these can be removed with mechanical polishing. Small stains on the interior that can be removed by normal cleaning are also considered normal wear and tear.

The situation is different in the case of damage: damage reduces the value of the car and has to be more elaborately reconditioned or even repaired. The costs will be charged after the return of the car. Examples are medium to deep scratches and paint damage that cannot be removed with mechanical polishing, as well as holes, cracks, fissures, smoke odours and missing items. Also invoiced are heavy impurities in the interior which can only be removed by special cleaning. Damages that fall within your deductible or are not covered by the fully comprehensive insurance will be repaired and charged to you at the end.

In general, we recommend that you clean or have the car cleaned before returning it.

The insurance

Safety on the road

Do I need insurance to rent a car?

No, everything is already included in the subscription. Liability insurance as well as passenger and fully comprehensive insurance are covered. The deductible for fully comprehensive damage is CHF 1,000. There is no deductible for liability insurance and partial coverage. If you wish, you can also apply to use your own insurance. You can contact us by phone to apply.

What happens if I have a breakdown or an accident?

Defects and breakdowns are covered by the vehicle warranty and insurance.

If you have an accident, you are also insured - the deductible in this case is CHF 1000.-. In the event of an accident or breakdown, it is always best to contact us. In the event that we are not available, a 24/7 assistance of our insurance is at your disposal.

Will I get a replacement car in the event of a longer breakdown or a service?


Is someone else allowed to drive?

Yes, all persons holding a driving licence valid in Switzerland are entitled to drive.

How many kilometres per month are included?

Depending on the kilometer package selected, 850, 1,750 or 3,250 kilometers are included per month. On our app you can always track exactly how many kilometres you have already driven.

If you drive too much in one month, this can also be compensated in one of the following months, as the additional kilometres are only charged when you return the vehicle.

The prices for additional kilometres depend on the respective vehicle model. We are happy to pass these on upon request.

How can I cancel my subscription?

After a minimum term of 6 months you can cancel your subscription at any time at the end of the respective contract month.

Example: If you have subscribed to the car by 14 October 2018, you can cancel it at the earliest by 14 January 2019. The cancellation must then be received by us by 14 December 2018 at the latest by registered letter or email.

The costs

Full transparency

How much does the subscription cost?

Our concept is to offer great new car models at a fair price. We initially charge a one-time membership fee of CHF 390. Then you simply pay the monthly flat rate, which is indicated on our website.

Do I have to pick up the car or will it be delivered to my home?

You can pick up your car at our address in Bannwil. For a fee of CHF 180.- we are happy to deliver the car to your home, workplace or any other location of your choice within Switzerland.

What other costs can I expect?

The following costs are not included in the car subscription:

  • Refuelling
  • Possible parking costs

Depending on driving behaviour and events, the following costs may still be incurred:

  • Traffic violations
  • In the event of accidents and damage: any fully comprehensive excess of CHF 1000.- per event

There is no deductible for damage covered by liability insurance.

What does a change of vehicle cost me?

After a period of at least 6 months, you can change your vehicle free of charge. CHF 490.- will be charged for a change before the end of this period.

Your question was not included? Simply contact us via email, phone +41 62 531 25 25 or our chat window at the right bottom of this page. We are happy to help you.