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With your Carvolution fuel card from AVIA, you can offset the CO₂ emissions of your fuel free of charge or benefit from a reduction of 5 centimes per litre - the choice is yours.

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The fuel card can be used at over 500 AVIA service stations in Switzerland. Apply for the fuel card now and offset your CO₂ emissions from fuel for free or save 5 cents per litre filled.

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Questions and answers

How can I offset CO₂ for free with Carvolution?

The free CO₂ compensation applies to all customers who use the Carvolution fuel card from AVIA. Carvolution participates in the compensation of all customers who waive the 5 cent per litre discount and opt for the compensation of the fuel they fill up. By waiving the discount and receiving the subsidy from Carvolution, myclimate can offset not only direct emissions, but also indirect emissions.

How are emissions offset by Carvolution?

Carvolution works in partnership with myclimate to offset CO₂ emissions. When selecting projects, the aim is not to offset as cheaply as possible, but as wisely as possible. In concrete terms, the money is paid into a project portfolio to support several carbon offset projects. For example, "Solar Energy for Education and Employment" in Tanzania and "Smallholder Reforestation" in Uganda. The rebate that customers forgo roughly covers the direct emissions. Indirect emissions are also offset by Carvolution.

Why can the free CO₂ compensation only be done with the AVIA fuel card?

Climate protection is a common cause. However, Carvolution cannot offset CO₂ through its customer base. Only the fuel card can register, measure and thus compensate for the volume of fuel. This is why Carvolution encourages the use of the AVIA fuel card and thanks its customers for their willingness to forego the reduction in exchange for their support of climate protection.

Can I also decide not to pay any compensation?

Yes, it is also possible to receive a discount of 5 cents per litre. In this case, however, no CO₂ compensation will take place.

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