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Your own car with insurance, taxes and maintenance for a monthly fixed price.

Win a 450 CHF voucher for your next Carvolution car now.

Two cars with cell phones on a gray background.Two cars with cell phones on a gray background.

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Competition conditions

The price
You can win a 450 CHF voucher on your next Carvolution car.

All persons resident in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein who have reached the age of 18 and have a valid category B driving licence are eligible to participate.

Free participation
Participation in the competition is not associated with any obligation to purchase.

Further provisions
We can not engage in correspondence on the competition, and the organisers' decision is final. The competition organizer also reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition if abuse and/or violations of these conditions of participation are suspected or established or if there are other important reasons.

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Über Carvolution

The car subscription with the entire Carvolution service

You only have to refuel 😉

You car – including the kilometers

Of course, your new car and the chosen amount of kilometers. The car comes either directly from our warehouse or brand new from the factory.

License plates

You will receive license plates from your canton of residence. We will take care of the whole process for you from the license plates to the registration of your vehicle. If you have a special number you would like to keep, just let us know.

Service and maintenance

All tasks related to service and maintenance are also included in our Carvolution-Service. We do not only take care of the paperwork, but also coordinate appointments with partner garages in your area if you wish.

Highway vignette

Your car is equipped with everything it needs for Swiss roads. This also includes the highway vignette. Of course you are also allowed to drive abroad but please note that there may be extra fees when driving on foreign highways.


The Carvolution Service includes both liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance. There is no deductible for third party liability and partially comprehensive insurance. You can determine the deductible for fully comprehensive insurance: between 500–1500 CHF.


Taxes as well are covered by the Carvolution Service. No need to worry about the vehicle taxes.


We ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the right tires. This means we take care of the tyres themselves but also their storage and any necessary changes. In order for you to easily change the tyres at a garage near you, we make sure that your tyres are available there. You can find the list of our partner garages here.

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