How does it work?

The most important questions and answers about Carvolution and our car subscription. From ordering to car handover to end of the subscription.

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Car subscription order

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Choose your car

Whether you are looking for a small car, SUV, wagon or electric car, we have a wide range of different brands and models.

Set your terms

Determine the subscription period and kilometre package, select your canton of residence and set the deductible for comprehensive insurance.

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Send request

You can book your car subscription directly online or request a non-binding offer. We are happy to help you if you have any questions.

All-in-One Package

Everything related to your car is included in the All-in-One package: Insurance, registration, taxes, service and maintenance, tyres and other extras.

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Good to know

Subscription requirements

  • You are a solvent person
  • Permanent residence status in Switzerland

  • You have a valid driver's license

  • A good credit rating

Sell your old car

Do you still have an old car in your garage? Find out how to sell your car before the subscription starts.

Car handover

Car preparation

We prepare your car and take care of the formalities. If your car is in stock, it will be ready to drive within 14 days. It takes a little longer from the factory.

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New car, new license plates

Your new car will be handed over with new plates from your canton of residence. Unfortunately, you cannot take over your private plates. However, you can have them deposited at your canton's offices.

Pick-up or delivery?

You can pick up your car free of charge in Bannwil or have it delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in Switzerland for CHF 195.

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Good to know


When handing it over to you, we will explain everything about your car to you in detail.


    If you decide to buy an electric car, our partner Helion will help you install the wallbox.

    Car subscription in everyday life


    Manage your car subscription via the Carvolution app: monthly adjustment of the kilometre package, invoice overview, tyre garage, damage report and breakdown assistance.

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    Tyre change

    The tyre change takes place in one of our partner garages. Your tyres are stored there. Just make an appointment directly for a tyre change in spring and autumn.


    If the service light on the dashboard lights up, contact us. We'll tell you which service garage you can take your car to.

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    Damage or accident

    Have you broken down or had an accident? Report your damage directly in the Carvolution app. Mobi24 Assistance is available 24/7 in the event of a breakdown.

    Good to know

    Refuelling / Charging

    Save money when refuelling or charging with the Carvolution fuel card from AVIA or the charging card from evpass. Otherwise you also have the option of offsetting your CO₂ free of charge.

      Friends and family

      Friends and family are also insured and may also take the wheel. Trips to other countries are permitted.

      Referral programme

      Recommend Carvolution to others. With each successful referral, you and your friends/family will benefit from a credit of CHF 200.- on your bills.

      Car return

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      Change your car

      Do you want to change your car? Contact us early for a smooth exchange. A car exchange is possible after your minimum term has expired.

      Return your car

      You want to return your car at the end of your subscription? It is taken back and inspected in Bannwil. The car will be checked for normal signs of wear and tear.

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      Buy your car

      Would you like to buy the car after your subscription ended? Contact us and we will be happy to check whether this is possible for your vehicle.

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