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Get your car in 3 easy steps. You decide what you need.

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Choose your car

We have the car that fits your needs, whether you need a small car for yourself, an SUV for the whole family or an electric car because you just want to try it out.

Set your terms

You decide everything: individual duration, number of km/month (modifiable monthly in the app) and insurance. We take care of the rest.

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Get your car

Once you have ordered your car, it takes about 10 working days until it is ready to drive. If it comes directly from the factory, it may take a little longer. After that, you have the choice: pick your car up in Bannwil or have it delivered to your door.

Just driveJust drive

And then?
Start driving!

Thanks to the all-inclusive bundle you don’t have to worry about anything. And with the app, you always have an overview of your subscription.

  • Adjust your kilometrage package monthly in the app
  • If an accident/damage occurs, you can report it in the app.
  • Recommend us successfully straight through the app and receive CHF 200.-
  • Go to one of our 500 partner garages to change your tyres or for service

The Carvolution Service

You only have to refuel 😉

You car including the kilometers

Of course, your new car and the chosen amount of kilometers. The car comes either directly from our warehouse or brand new from the factory.

License plates

You will receive license plates from your canton of residence. We will take care of the whole process for you from the license plates to the registration of your vehicle.

Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance are included in the Carvolution Service. We take care of the paperwork, but also coordinate appointments at one of our 500 partner garages if you wish.

Initial highway vignette

Your car is equipped with everything it needs for Swiss roads. This also includes the initial highway vignette. You can drive abroad but please note that there may be extra fees when driving on foreign highways.


Includes both liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance from “die Mobiliar”. There is no deductible for third party liability and partially comprehensive insurance. You can choose the deductible for fully comprehensive insurance between 500–1500 CHF.


All taxes are covered by the Carvolution Service.


We make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the right tires. This means that we take care of the tires, their storage and their professional change. When you change your tires at one of our 500 garages, we make sure that your tires are available on time.

Fuel card / Charging card

You will receive a personal fuel card with your car. With this card you can either offset the CO2 emissions of your fuel for free at over 600 AVIA service stations in Switzerland or fill up for 5 cents less per litre. If you drive an electric car, you get a free evpass membership for one year, which will allow you to charge your electric car in the evpass network for 5 cents less.

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