The Carvolution car subscription

With Carvolution, you drive your car on subscription. Unlike buying or leasing a car, with Carvolution everything about the car is already included in the subscription: insurance, taxes, tyres and much more.

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How does it work?

How does a car subscription work? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


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How much does a car subscription cost and can I save money with it?

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Questions and answers

The most important questions and answers concerning the car subscription

Your car subscription from Carvolution

Whether small cars for the city or SUVs for the whole family - Carvolution has the most popular cars from various brands, whether gasoline, diesel, hybrid or fully electric.

All-inclusive car subscription or leasing

What many people don't know is that a car on subscription offers many advantages over leasing. Lower costs, less risk and more freedom. Simply request a non-binding offer and discover the price advantage.

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Carvolution: How does the car subscription work?

The Carvolution car subscription is a suitable alternative to buying and leasing a car. In particular, anyone who is dependent on a car in everyday life and wants to keep their costs as low and clearly calculable as possible will find the perfect solution with a car subscription. The Carvolution car subscription is simple, flexible and affordable. Simple, because the monthly car subscription price already covers all car-related costs. You only have to fill up or charge the car yourself. Flexible, because the duration of the subscription is determined by the customers themselves, be it a few months or several years. Affordable, because the monthly car subscription costs are lower than the total costs of leasing or buying a new car. This is possible due to the high order volumes, lean and digital processes and the elimination of middlemen.

At the end of the car subscription, you can either simply return the car, continue to drive it for a while and cancel it on a monthly basis or you can switch to a new subscription. Alternatively, in some cases it is possible to purchase the car. The customer can decide according to their needs.

But how does a car subscription differ in practice from buying and leasing?

In contrast to buying a car, the car subscription offers a great advantage in that it can be cheaper than buying a new car, especially if the vehicle is only used for a few months or a few years. Compared to buying, the initial costs are relatively low and one does not bear any residual value or resale risk, as the vehicle is returned to Carvolution at the end of the contract period. In addition, you are spared time-consuming and nerve-wracking discussions with the garage and insurance company, as the invoice goes directly to Carvolution.

The difference between a lease and a car subscription may not seem clear at first glance. On one hand, there is the flexibility due to the shorter contract duration. In addition, most services such as insurance, tyres and service are already included, but this depends on the individual provider. Finally, the car subscription does not require a large down payment, which makes it more attractive than traditional leasing, especially for people with a limited budget. On the other hand, one advantage of leasing that should not be underestimated is the large selection of cars.

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Questions and answers about the Carvolution car subscription

The most important questions and answers about Carvolution and the car subscription. From ordering to delivery to the end of the subscription period.

What is included in the Carvolution car subscription?

Not counting the fuel, everything is already included in the Carvolution-Service. Insurance (third party liability, collision, partial casco), license plates registered in your canton of residence, taxes, initial highway vignette, tyres, tyre change and tyre storage, maintenance and service - everything is included.

Why is Carvolution and the car subscription so cheap?

We buy the cars in large quantities and can thus benefit from substantial discounts which we pass on directly to our customers. At the same time we have no middlemen and benefit from our lean and digital organisation.

For which car models is the Carvolution car subscription available?

You will find a list of all our cars here. You will find a broad description of cars as well as pictures and details about the equipment of the vehicles on our website. If you would like more information, we are happy to help you. If your dream car is not part of the list, you are welcome to contact us to check the current plans because we are always broadening the offer. It is possible that your dream car is already planned but that you just have to be a little patient. One more thing: all our cars are new or as good as new, so you can be sure that they are always equipped with the newest technology.

Where can I pick up the car? Can I also have the car delivered to my home?

You can pick up the car at our headquarters in the idyllic Bannwil, BE. We'll be happy to show you a glimpse behind the scenes, so you not only get to know our team, but also see our garage. On request, we will also be happy to deliver the car to your home or work. The only condition is that the place of delivery is in Switzerland. We charge neither time nor distance, but a fixed price of CHF 180.- for delivery.

When is a service necessary and where does a possible service take place on the car?

Your car displays the service interval. Once you have requested a service, you can make an appointment with the relevant brand dealership and have the service carried out. The choice of garages depends on the car brand. If you would like to know which garage in your area is suitable for a particular car, feel free to contact us at any time.

What are the requirements for a contract?

You need to have a residence in Switzerland and a valid Swiss or Liechtenstein driving licence of category B. We also check foreign driving licences; it is important that your driving licence is approved for Swiss roads. When checking your details, we also check your creditworthiness before finalising the contract. Unfortunately, we have to reject requests in the case of debt collection and certificates of loss.

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