The Carvolution car subscription

With Carvolution, you drive your car on subscription. Unlike buying or leasing a car, with Carvolution everything about the car is already included in the subscription: insurance, taxes, tyres and much more.

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Your car subscription from Carvolution

Whether small cars for the city or SUVs for the whole family - Carvolution has the most popular cars from various brands, whether gasoline, diesel, hybrid or fully electric.

Deals with down payment

With our down payment deals, you benefit from an even lower car subscription price. Discover various brands and receive your non-binding offer!

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Carvolution: How does the car subscription work?

The Carvolution car subscription is a suitable alternative to buying and leasing a car. In particular, anyone who is dependent on a car in everyday life and wants to keep their costs as low and clearly calculable as possible will find the perfect solution with a car subscription. The Carvolution car subscription is simple, flexible and affordable. Simple, because the monthly car subscription price already covers all car-related costs. You only have to fill up or charge the car yourself. Flexible, because the duration of the subscription is determined by the customers themselves, be it a few months or several years. Affordable, because the monthly car subscription costs are lower than the total costs of leasing or buying a new car. This is possible due to the high order volumes, lean and digital processes and the elimination of middlemen.

At the end of the car subscription, you can either simply return the car, continue to drive it for a while and cancel it on a monthly basis or you can switch to a new subscription. Alternatively, in some cases it is possible to purchase the car. The customer can decide according to their needs.

But how does a car subscription differ in practice from buying and leasing?

In contrast to buying a car, the car subscription offers a great advantage in that it can be cheaper than buying a new car, especially if the vehicle is only used for a few months or a few years. Compared to buying, the initial costs are relatively low and one does not bear any residual value or resale risk, as the vehicle is returned to Carvolution at the end of the contract period. In addition, you are spared time-consuming and nerve-wracking discussions with the garage and insurance company, as the invoice goes directly to Carvolution.

The difference between a lease and a car subscription may not seem clear at first glance. On one hand, there is the flexibility due to the shorter contract duration. In addition, most services such as insurance, tyres and service are already included, but this depends on the individual provider. Finally, the car subscription does not require a large down payment, which makes it more attractive than traditional leasing, especially for people with a limited budget. On the other hand, one advantage of leasing that should not be underestimated is the large selection of cars.

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Questions and answers about Carvolution's car subscription

General information

How does Carvolution work?

Carvolution is your car subscription at a fixed monthly price! We offer around 50 - 70 different models - from small cars for the city to premium SUVs, electric, hybrid or conventional - at a fixed price for private individuals and companies. Taxes, insurance, tyre changes and servicing at a local garage are included. You can enjoy the luxury of owning your car without the hassle, because we take care of all the paperwork. We are happy to provide you with a non-binding consultation.

What is included in the All-in-One bundle of the Carvolution car subscription?

The car subscription is available as an All-in-One bundle at a fixed monthly price: fully comprehensive insurance & third-party liability (excess can be freely selected), registration in your canton of residence, taxes, tyres, tyre change and storage, service and maintenance and other extras such as Carvolution app access, the initial vignette and a fuel/charging card, which allows you to refuel/charge at reduced prices.

Why is Carvolution and the car subscription so affordable?

We buy cars in bulk. This gives us significant discounts that we pass on directly to our customers. At the same time, we have no middlemen and benefit from our lean and digital organisation.

Which cars are available with a Carvolution subscription?

You can find all our current brands and models here. You will find pictures and detailed information on the features of each car. If you would like more information, we will be happy to help you. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us as we are constantly expanding our range. By the way: All our cars are brand new or as good as new and equipped with the latest technology.

Are the cars at Carvolution new?

Yes, we only offer new or good as new cars on subscription. This means that they are either brand new or have already been in a short subscription and have already accumulated a few kilometres. Popular models are therefore usually not available for long. Please get in touch with us early so that your new car is not already out of stock.

Who is behind Carvolution?

Carvolution is backed by a team of four founders: Léa Miggiano, Olivier Kofler, Luis Wittwer and Bernhard Drüner. Previous financial backers include Mobiliar, Redalpine, Armada Ventures and Ringier Digital Ventures. Carvolution has been on the market as a car subscription pioneer since 2018. Around 80 employees are now behind the young company and do their best every day to make you happy with your new car.

How many cars does Carvolution have?

Carvolution has one of the largest fleets in Switzerland. We always have 50 - 70 models of various brands on offer. They include everything from small cars to estate cars, SUVs and vans, as well as various drive systems such as combustion engines, hybrids and electric cars. You can find all the cars here.

Details about the car subscription service

What are the requirements for a contract?

You must be a Swiss resident and hold a valid category B Swiss or Liechtenstein driving licence. We also check foreign licences, but it is important that your licence is valid on Swiss roads. When we check your details, we will also carry out a credit check on you before concluding the contract. We regret that we have to reject enquiries in the case of debt collection and loss certificates.

Where can I collect the car? Can I also have it delivered to my home?

Both options are possible, the choice is yours. You can collect the car on subscription from our headquarters in Bannwil. We will be happy to give you a look behind the scenes, so you will not only get to know our team, but also see our garage. Of course, we'll also serve you a good cup of coffee. On request, we can also deliver the car to your home or work. The main thing is that the delivery location is in Switzerland. We charge neither time nor distance, but a flat rate of CHF 195 for delivery. You can of course collect the car from us free of charge.

When will a service be required and where will the vehicle be serviced?

The service interval is displayed on your car. Once you have requested a service, you can make an appointment with the respective brand representative and have the service carried out. The choice of garage depends on the brand of your car. If you would like to know which garage in your area is suitable for a particular car, please contact us.

How long does a car handover take?

At the car handover, our experts will explain your new car to you in detail. Depending on how many questions you have and whether you want to stay for a coffee, the handover takes between 30-45 minutes.

What licence plates do Carvolution cars have?

We will, of course, register your car in your canton of residence. Unfortunately, we can only take over an existing licence plate in very few cantons. If you have a licence plate that you are unwilling to lose, we will be happy to help you deposit the number.

Why is there a Carvolution logo on the cars?

As standard, all our cars go on the road with a small Carvolution lettering on the rear window. If you don't want a sticker, just let us know and we won't put one on your car.

What happens to the cars from Carvolution?

After the subscription, our cars are put on the classic used car market like all other cars. So some of them go to car dealers with whom we work. On very rare occasions, our customers fall in love with their subscription car so much that they buy it at the market price after the end of the subscription period.

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