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How much does leasing cost? What are the total costs? What role does the interest rate, the down payment and also the residual value play?

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Leasing costs
How do I calculate?

How much does leasing cost and how can I calculate a leasing rate?

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What is leasing and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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The most important questions and answers about leasing.

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Leasing: How do I calculate?

The monthly leasing costs depend heavily on the car and make, as well as the leasing period, the amount of the down payment (also known as a one-off special payment) and the terms of the leasing contract. In addition, the annual kilometres driven and any additional costs if the kilometre limit is exceeded also influence the costs. In addition to all these factors, there is also the interest rate and the residual value in the contract to consider, which have a significant impact on the monthly leasing rate. Normally, the monthly leasing rate for a private car ranges from a few hundred to several thousand francs, depending on the factors mentioned. To estimate the total cost of a lease, TCS recommends calculating the leasing rate approximately times three.

Down payment:
The down payment can usually be set by yourself and in most cases is several thousand francs.

Monthly payments:
In addition to the monthly leasing rate, there are other expenses such as taxes, registration fees or other administrative costs.

With a leased car, in addition to the compulsory third-party insurance, comprehensive insurance is also required, which is why these costs for insurance must also be included in the monthly expenses.

Service and maintenance:
Even if the leasing contract partially includes certain services, additional costs for repairs, tyres, brakes, etc. may arise.

Costs at the end of the leasing contract:
At the end of the lease term, or at the time of return to the dealer, there may be additional costs for excessive wear and tear, excessive mileage or other charges if the stipulated terms of the lease have not been adhered to.

Early termination charges:
If a lease is terminated early, there may be high cost implications as an early termination fee will be due.
It is very important with a leasing contract to check the terms carefully and to make cautious assumptions when determining the duration and kilometres in order to avoid high costs later on.

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How to calculate properly a leasing

Tips and tricks around leasing calculations and leasing costs

The Comparis leasing calculator

With the Comparis leasing calculator, you can quickly and easily obtain a good guideline for the amount of the leasing rate with just a few entries.

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The Cembra leasing calculator

With the Cembra Leasing Calculator you can estimate the costs of a leasing instalment relatively accurately. If the information is entered correctly, this calculator is very accurate.

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Operating cost calculator from TCS

The leasing rate alone is only part of the total costs. This is why the TCS operating cost calculator is suitable for correctly estimating the costs of a leased car.

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Questions and answers about leasing

General information

What is the total cost of a leased vehicle?

The total cost of a leased vehicle is higher than the monthly lease payment x the lease term. This is because there are additional costs on top of the lease instalment. The TCS rule of thumb is that the total monthly cost of a leased vehicle is approximately three times the monthly lease payment.

How is the monthly leasing instalment made up?

In addition to the monthly lease instalment, which depends on the vehicle price, residual value, term, kilometre package, deposit and interest rate, there are other costs incurred during the lease period. These include insurance, taxes, cantonal redemption, service, repairs and maintenance. Depending on the lease agreement, these factors may be included in the lease. However, this will increase the monthly lease instalment and is then referred to as full-service leasing.

What is a down payment for leasing?

A down payment is a one-off payment at the start of the leasing contract. This is deducted from the vehicle price to be financed. This reduces the financing amount and the monthly lease instalment is lower than without a down payment.

What is a residual value?

The residual value is the calculated value of the car at the end of the leasing contract. This value essentially determines the depreciation cost and therefore the monthly lease instalment.

How high are leasing interest rates in Switzerland?

The amount of the leasing interest rate can vary greatly. It is important to note that the leasing interest rate alone is not the decisive factor in determining whether a leasing offer is attractive - the discount and residual value are just as important. In most cases, the interest rate also depends on the duration, the car and the leasing bank.

Is leasing always more expensive than a car subscription?

When comparing subscription and leasing, the total costs must always be considered, as there are additional costs for insurance, service, tyres, etc. on top of the leasing rate. The total costs are generally higher than for a subscription. Carvolution therefore also offers a best price guarantee for car subscriptions compared to leasing. This shows you how favourable our car subscription is compared to the total cost of leasing. If our costs are higher, we will reduce the subscription price for you.

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