Leasing a car and what you should know about it

Find out here about financing, the terms of the contract and the risks involved in leasing before you sign a leasing contract.

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All info about leasing

What you should know about a leasing.

  • A lease is a pure form of financing for your car (Learn more about the leasing costs).
  • A down payment is often required.
  • The leasing contract is concluded for a fixed term.
  • It is possible to take over the car at the end of the term for the residual value, but this is not part of the actual leasing (Learn more about taking over a leasing).
  • It is important to know that leasing is not a down payment. (Learn more about the down payment)

Find out how much a leasing really costs you

Leasing contracts can cost more than what you can imagine at first:

  • You have to multiply the leasing instalment by 3 to find out the effective costs. (Learn more about the calculations)
  • The insurance, the service and the cantonal registration are not included in the leasing rate.
  • Returning your leased car before the end of the contract is really expensive.
  • As the lessee, you are obliged to make the leasing payment in the coming months and years.
  • If you want to terminate the contract, you have to expect high penalties. (Learn more about how to end a leasing)
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Questions and answers about leasing

What is a lease explained simply?

A lease is a form of financing for your car (Learn more about the financement). The lessee (you) pays a monthly amount to the lessor. An increased first instalment ('deposit') is often required. The leasing contract is concluded for a fixed term. Usually 3 to 5 years. After expiry, the car usually has to be returned or you have the option to buy the car at a pre-defined residual value. It is important to know that leasing is not an instalment. The car does not belong to you at the end of the contract - unless you pay the outstanding balance and thus acquire ownership. In addition to the loss in value (amortisation), your monthly payment also includes an interest component.

When does leasing make sense?

Leasing makes sense when you want to drive your car for 3 to 5 years. Or you can't or don't want to tie up so much capital at once. Calculate how much a leasing could cost you (Go on our cost calculator)

What is full-service leasing?

With full-service leasing, maintenance and tyres are included in addition to amortisation and interest (as with conventional leasing). This of course increases the monthly instalment somewhat, but the scope of services is also higher.

Can I buy my leased car at the end of the contract?

This is contractually regulated. If you want to buy your leased car at the end of the contract, you must make this known before signing the contract. Some providers allow this, others do not. So make sure you find out before you sign the contract. (Learn more about how to end a leasing)

What is a lease transfer?

In a lease transfer, an existing lease is transferred to a new lessee (Learn more about transferring a leasing). The new lessee takes over the monthly leasing instalments in future. He is thus the new owner of the leasing contract. Such a transfer is usually associated with additional costs.

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