Your long-term car rental for 6 months or longer

Find your long-term rental car with us in an uncomplicated, fast and inexpensive way. Insurance, taxes, everything is included in the monthly fixed price.
Couple in a car.Couple in a car.
Man is sitting behind a car.Man is sitting behind a car.

Why the long-term rental from Carvolution?

With us you do not just get a rental car, but a top modern car with many extras.

  • Cantonal license plates on your name
  • Additional drivers included free of charge
  • For 6 months or longer - flexibly adjustable
  • The best Carvolution Deals

Your next car long-term rental

Most of our cars come directly from the factory, you are guaranteed to receive a brand new or as good as new car.

    White car in front of a black car.White car in front of a black car.

    Your new car

    Insurance, taxes, maintenance, everything is included. You start with a duration that suits you. If you want to keep the car longer, you simply adjust the duration.

    Your advantages of the Carvolution long-term car rental

    With us you enjoy the advantages of long-term car rental. At the same time, the car from Carvolution offers you all the advantages of your own car.

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    For a fixed monthly price

    Insurance, taxes, service and maintenance - everything is included.


    Made for you

    Flexible duration, whether for 6 months or several years.


    Stress-free driving

    No cumbersome tire changes or stressful administration.


    Save money with Carvolution

    Thanks to our high-volume discounts you benefit from low prices.

    Join the Carvolution

    People are standing in front of cars.People are standing in front of cars.

    Fair price, fair conditions

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