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Electric cars have quickly gone from being a novel innovation to a mainstream reality, in many cases offering a greener and more sustainable way to drive. Despite this, there are some myths and also misconceptions that persist and create uncertainty. In this blog, we show 10 myths and explain how a car subscription can simplify the entry into electric mobility, as the costs are low and the durations are flexible.

1. "Range is too low"

Myth: Electric cars have a limited range.

Fact: Thanks to technological progress in recent years, limited ranges are a thing of the past. Many of today's new electric vehicles can travel over 350 kilometres on a full battery charge. In addition to the improved ranges of electric cars, charging networks have also been expanded, making long-distance travel now a piece of cake.

2. "Charging takes ages"

Myth: Charging always takes several hours.

Fact: It is true that charging an electric car takes longer than a classic stop at a petrol station. However, most electric cars can now take up a substantial battery charge in a relatively short time. It is particularly fast when a fast-charging station is used. Those who have the option of charging their electric car at home can sit back and relax. Because then charging at night is a convenient solution to start each day with a full battery.

3. "I have nowhere to charge"

Myth: There are not enough charging stations.

Fact: The charging infrastructure has grown rapidly and continues to grow. In Switzerland, intensive investments are being made in the expansion of the charging infrastructure network in many places. As a result, charging options are becoming more and more common in both urban and rural areas. Many companies provide their employees with free charging infrastructure at their workplace (at Carvolution in Bannwil, all employees can charge free of charge).

4. "The acquisition costs are high"

Myth: Electric cars are expensive.

Fact: Although the purchase price of some electric cars can be higher than that of conventional combustion cars (although most are already very competitive), the purchase price is quickly put into perspective via the lower maintenance and operating costs. Among other things, this is reflected in much lower costs for charging than for refuelling. In addition, there are state incentives in certain cantons to drive an electric car, and companies also support their employees with benefits in some cases. Those who opt for a car subscription do not have to worry about high acquisition costs, as only the monthly fixed price has to be paid and there is no residual value or resale risk.

5. "I don't like any electric car"

Myth: There are only a few electric car models.

Fact: Carvolution offers a wide range of electric cars to suit every need and beyond that there are many more on the market. When it comes to electric cars, there is now a wide range of different price classes and vehicle types. From electric compact cars, sedans, SUVs and even trucks, electric cars come in every shape, size and engine to suit different preferences and needs.

6 "Battery production is harmful"

Myth: The production of electric car batteries is more harmful to the environment than that of combustion engines.

Fact: There are definitely environmental aspects to be considered in battery production. Nevertheless, numerous studies have shown that electric vehicles have a lower overall CO2 footprint than combustion engines. Especially when they are charged with renewable energies. The long-term environmental benefits of electric vehicles, including reduced emissions during operation, far outweigh their initial production impacts.

7 "Electric cars have no power"

Myth: Electric cars are slower and less powerful than internal combustion vehicles.

Fact: Many electric cars offer instant torque, which allows for quick acceleration and impressive performance. There are electric cars for which it is child's play to outrun a combustion engine at traffic lights. It is simply false that electric cars have no power.

8 "The battery wears out quickly"

Myth: Electric car batteries degrade quickly and require frequent and expensive replacement parts.

Fact: If you opt for a car subscription, you don't have to worry about this, because services and maintenance are already included in a car subscription. But even otherwise, when you buy a new car, there is a manufacturer's warranty that covers the battery performance for a certain number of years or kilometres. As addressed in Myth 1, batteries are constantly improving, so concerns about rapid battery degradation are unfounded.

9 "Electric cars are more dangerous"

Myth: Because of the battery, accidents involving electric cars are more dangerous than other accidents.

Fact: Electric cars are subject to rigorous safety testing and are equipped with safety features and driving aids that are comparable to, or in most cases better than, those of conventional vehicles. Safety is a top priority for electric vehicle manufacturers.

10 "It's too cold in Switzerland for electric cars"

Myth: Electric cars are unsuitable for cold weather conditions.

Fact: It can get cold in Switzerland and extreme cold can affect battery performance and range. However, modern electric cars are equipped with systems that massively reduce these effects.


While most myths are simply myths, there is some truth in some of them. But one thing is certain: car subscriptions offer an easy way to get your first electric car and to form your own opinion about the myths. Thanks to a wide choice, flexible durations and an affordable all-inclusive bundle, car subscriptions are ideal for getting started with electric mobility.

Whether you're new to the world of electric vehicles or a seasoned electric car enthusiast, discover our selection of electric cars here.

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