5 myths about driving and cars

5 myths about driving and cars

Women cannot park and in case of traffic jams, the driver may drive past on the breakdown lane?

Cars & driving are surrounded by myths! High time to list here 5 of these partly bizarre "traditions".

1. Women cannot park

Wrong! A new study even shows the opposite. Whereby, there is certainly another study, which in turn would claim the opposite. You've probably heard that you can't trust statistics that you've falsified yourself. Maybe we can just agree that men and women can park equally well, or possibly badly. Although women might even park better, they would not have to struggle with the phenomenon of self-fulfilling prophecies.

2. Only the windows need to be cleared of snow in winter, not the roof

Wrong! Not only must the windows be completely ice free, but the whole car must be cleared of snow before driving off. Only then is a car considered "winter safe". At the latest on the motorway or during an abrupt braking, it should be clear to everyone why. I only wonder how you can completely clear the roof of snow. Often, despite acrobatic stretching actions, during which you often mutate into a snowman, you simply cannot reach every spot. Removing snow is not just about free vision, but also about preventing snow from falling onto the road or your own hood and becoming a danger.

3. Using the direction indicator is not always necessary

Wrong! Any change of direction must be indicated. It doesn't matter if there's a car behind you or not. Although one might think that using the indicator helps above all the other road users, really every change of direction is to be iannounced. Many drivers are a bit lazy and occasionally forget to put their indicator, I recommend, for example, in the roundabout, to pay less attention to the indicator of others, and more to the position of their wheels, because the wheels direction is where the car always goes.

4. When people want to join the motorway, make room

Wrong! There is no need to make room for the cars coming onto the motorway. The cars that are already on the motorway have priority. The vehicles in the joining lane are obliged to accelerate first and only then to set the indicator and to to change the lane into the motorway traffic. Nevertheless, it is a nice gesture to change to the left lane when it is free. Driving a car must never be a fight for precedence, although there are clear rules of precedence, you should never force them, because especially at high speeds every accident can end badly.

5. In case of traffic jams, the driver may drive past on the breakdown lane

Wrong! The breakdown lane may only be used for emergencies. Driving on the emergency lane can lead to a fine or, depending on the situation, even to the withdrawal of the driver's license. You are also not allowed to overtake using the emergency lane. So remember, the emergency lane is called such for a reason.