Car keys symbolize life hacking.

Are you tired of getting light electric shocks once you get out of the car? Or did you ever want to treat yourself to a cool drink, but didn't have a bottle opener with you? We've put together a few hacks to make living with your car easier.

1. The bottle opener

    Maybe you can relate too: You bought a cool, refreshing drink at the gas station, have already driven off and notice that you don't have a bottle opener with you? No problem, your car is there for you. Just use the buckle of theseat belt as a bottle opener. Warning: Never use this while driving!

    2. The fuel cap

      Are you one of those people, who upon turning into the petrol station, regularly are asking themselves on which side the fuel cap is again? Parking the car on the wrong side of the gas pump is annoying. Here's a useful tip: take a closer look at the small fuel pump symbol on your dashboard. Is there a small arrow to the right of the petrol pump? Then your gas cap is on the right as well. Is the arrow on the left? Fill up on the left!

      3. Range for car keys

      This trick only works with a remote car key. You have done your shopping and want to get to the pay machine quickly, while your passengers want to deposit their purchases in the car. Your only problem: the car key has only a small range. This is how you can solve that issue: Hold the key up to your chin and press the button. The range should now be much greater. Reason: Your body functions as a kind of antenna for the key.

      4. No more electric shocks

        Although not very serious, this is something most people find annoying: after long journeys the car gives them a light electric shock. This happens because the friction between clothing and car seat charges you statically. This gets worse during winter, because clothing made of wool charges up particularly easily. When you get out of the car you touch both the door and the floor, which causes the energy to discharge and you get a small electric shock. The solution: Before you get out, touch the outside of the car. This allows the static charge to flow out of the body. Only then do you put one foot outside the door and get out of the car.

        5. Summer Hack I: Avoid heat accumulation

          If the car is left in the sun for a long time in summer, heat can build up. The quickest way to get rid of this is to open the windows first and then switch on the air conditioning. Tip: On some models, you can press the close button on the remote car key for several seconds and the windows will open. As soon as the air in the interior has cooled down, switch on the air conditioning. This makes the journey more pleasant and you save fuel.

          6. Summer Hack II: No more hot steering wheels

          In summer, your car is sometimes parked in the blazing sun for hours. When you get in and drive off, the first thing you feel is: Ouch - the steering wheel is much too hot! This hack will help you: Before you park your car, simply turn your steering wheel by 180 degrees. The side that is otherwise up is now down in the shade. Most drivers only touch the upper half of the steering wheel while driving. Once you get in, just turn the steering wheel back into the starting position and voilà - it feels wonderfully cool.

          If you don't have a car yet to try these hacks with, check out our cars here.

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