Many question marks.

We are frequently getting questions about what Carvolution is and what we are trying to achieve with the car subscription.The car subscription is a relatively new concept and not that well known yet. Is an alternative to the popular options of buying or leasing a car really needed? Why is the subscription model usually cheaper than these two options? Allow us to debunk the most common misunderstandings and myths about Carvolution and the car subscription.

    1. So this is like carsharing, right?

    No. Your Carvolution car belongs to you and only you. You, your friends, relatives and anyone of your choice can drive the car and you don’t need to share it with anyone if you do not want to ;)

    2. So I am simply renting the car from someone else?

    No! All of our cars belong to us, or rather to you during the duration of your subscription. You only deal with one single partner, who takes care of everything that has to do with your car. Totally hassle free!

    3. Carvolution is a leasing firm

    We do not offer car leasing. With the car subscription any costs in connection with your car except refueling are already paid for with the monthly fee. We are more flexible, transparent and reliable than leasing firms and enable you to get access to your own car quicker and easier than leasing ever would.

    4. Carvolution is pricier than leasing

    This one is also not true. We buy our cars in large quantities and give the price advantage that we gain this way straight to our customers. On average, our prices are cheaper than leasing for short and medium periods. When leasing, most people forget to account for the large deposit that has to be paid at the beginning to get a low rate. Also keep in mind that leasing rates may seem cheaper at first sight, but if you add up all costs, leasing is much more expensive. The TCS recommends the rule of thumb "leasing rate x 3 = effective costs" to calculate how much you really spend for your car. The monthly price of a car subscription already includes all costs such as insurance, tyres, service, repairs, taxes etc.

    5. I bet there are lots of hidden costs…

    Never! We ourselves made bad experiences with all the hidden or unexpected costs that come with leasing or buying a car. This is why it is so important for us to offer a service which works without any additional costs. You know exactly what your costs are going to be and can therefore budget your spending easily. You pay one fixed price per month in which all costs except fuel, Parking and potential traffic tickets are included.

    6. There surely is a requirement for a large upfront payment or deposit.

    When buying or leasing a car, you have to make a large upfront payment. Not with us! Everyone should be able to afford the car subscription, as we know that not all of us have saved up equally to buy a car. Due to the monthly rates the costs are manageable and easy to calculate. We only charge an initial flat rate of 390.- francs. The flat rate covers the costs of creating your customer profile, checking your identity and creditworthiness, registering your car in your canton of residence, your number plates and the preparation of your vehicle. This fee is a one-off payment and is no longer due should you change vehicles or pause your subscription.

    7. Those are all used cars!

    All cars are new or like new, 100% reliable and always the newest model. Unlike normal car rental, we professionally prepare the returned cars so that they feel like new.

    8. You have to commit forever.

    No. Flexibility is very important to us, which is why the car subscription comes with only a 6 month minimum duration. After that you can return the car at any time, exchange it for another one or keep driving it as long as you like.

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