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The Swiss are buying fewer and fewer private cars. Those who still want to drive a new car often opt for leasing. Buyers are not aware that a subscription car is not only cheaper but also more flexible. TCS and Comparis confirm this statement: Car subscriptions are significantly better in terms of price and flexibility.

"Do not be fooled by the leasing advertising"

With leasing, the rates are attractive at first glance: dealers promise great new cars at low monthly rates. This is tempting, but you should still know the total cost. In an article on leasing, the TCS writes: "Don't be fooled by leasing advertising, which attracts customers with low monthly rates without mentioning the extra costs. To calculate the total monthly costs, you have to take into account the costs for comprehensive insurance, registration, service, maintenance, repairs, taxes and tires. As a general rule: leasing rate multiplied by three = effective monthly costs of the car.

According to Comparis: Car subscription is often cheaper than leasing

Comparis has compared the car subscription with leasing offers, whereby the car subscription scored very well. The example below shows that compared to all-in-one leasing, the car subscription saves CHF 78 per month.Example: Seat Ibiza in cost comparison

Leasing platform

All-in-one leasing: CHF 611 per month


Car subscription: CHF 372 per month

Reference & Sources: Leasing platform: Gowago, configuration 24 months, 20'000 kilometers per year, CHF 2'000 down payment.

If you compare the car subscription with classic leasing (where you have to take care of the insurance yourself), you can save up to CHF 100 per month with the Comparis car subscription.

Bind for years vs. cancel monthly

With a leasing contract, you commit yourself for an average of seven times longer than with a car subscription. Leasing contracts, including all-in-one leasing, are concluded for several years. The car subscription, on the other hand, can be terminated each month after a minimum period of six months, giving the owner much greater flexibility.

About Carvolution, the car subscription and connection to French-speaking Switzerland

Carvolution was founded in 2018 and has met with great interest in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. "We are currently recording the largest increase in customers in French-speaking Switzerland", says Léa Miggiano, founder of Carvolution, which has her roots in French-speaking Switzerland. She adds: "It was high time the market offered an alternative to buying and leasing a car - Carvolution offers an extremely attractive product here". In addition to value for money and flexibility, Carvolution's full service makes life easier for its customers. As one satisfied customer wrote in a Google evaluation: "Very friendly team. The car’s is great. A single monthly payment makes life as simple as possible. In addition, the choice of cars is growing steadily. Thank you Carvolution." It is this kind of customer feedback that motivates the young entrepreneur and her team.

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