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If you need a car but don't want to buy one, the question quickly arises: is leasing worth it? Or is the Carvolution car subscription a better alternative? At first glance, both options seem similar, but in the specifics there are big differences. That's why you should know the advantages and disadvantages of leasing, which you will learn in this blog.

The advantages of leasing

The advantages of a new car - without high acquisition costs

With leasing you get a new or as-new car, with its many advantages, but without the high acquisition costs. You can choose from a variety of new models, with the latest equipment and technology. Since there are usually no repairs due to wear and tear in the first few years, you are spared the costs and the inconvenience of workshop visits. You also enjoy this advantage with the Carvolution car subscription. There, too, you drive a new, or as good as new car, where you do not have to worry about service or repairs.

Flexible and plannable

Thanks to the variety of different leasing models, you can choose the one that suits you best. You can choose a contract term of one or more years and have predictable monthly costs. Since the leasing rate is fixed, you know from the start how much you will spend on your car each month. A delivery fee is usually added at the beginning. However, you have to keep in mind that besides the leasing rate you will have other payments to make, so calculate the leasing rate times 3 to get the actual cost. With the Carvolution car subscription, you know at a glance how much you will spend on your car with the monthly fixed price. There are no unexpected costs.

Like owning a car, but not tied down

What many people like about a leased car: you have your own car at your disposal, without the linked obligations that come with ownership. You get a car provided and don't have to worry about many of the things that come with ownership. For example, if you want a new car, you don't have to sell your old one, and especially if it's new, you don't have to accept a big depreciation. This advantage is also capitalized in the car subscription.

The disadvantages of leasing

Good performance, but not always all-inclusive

While there is a lot included in the lease rate, rarely are all costs covered unless it is a full service lease. Additional expenses that may not be obvious at first come along. Car insurance and other maintenance costs, as well as a highway toll sticker, are not included. In addition, when repairs or service are needed, only branded garages may be used, and they may only use original parts, making them much more expensive than others. If the service is not included, these costs fall back on you.

The situation is different with a car subscription. There everything around the car is already included: insurance, cantonal redemption, taxes, service and tires. There are no further costs.

All's well that ends well?

A rude awakening usually comes at the end of the lease. If any damage occurs at the time of delivery, repairs and cleaning must be paid for. Another problem is the mileage: when the contract is signed, it is specified how many kilometers are included in the lease, so you have to estimate them beforehand. Since they tend to be underestimated, high costs are incurred in the end for the additional kilometers. Furthermore, depending on the leasing, there is no right to purchase the car at expiration, unless this is contractually regulated.

Also, in the case of car subscription, your car will be closely inspected at the time of handover. For repairs that are above your deductible, you must also pay. The situation is different for the number of kilometers: a mileage package is selected when you sign up, but you can adjust it yourself each month in the app. This means that you only ever pay for the kilometers you need.

Early exit: unaffordable?

If you want to end the lease prematurely, this usually costs you a lot: the loss in value of the car during this period, which is very high for new cars, must be borne completely by you. This can often be a problem, as leasing terms are usually several years. Leasing for only a few months is rarely possible. In addition, you must adhere to all contractual obligations and terms of use during this period.

With a car subscription, on the other hand, you can drive for as little as 3 months. After your chosen minimum term, you can simply return the car, continue driving or exchange it for another one.


The disadvantages of leasing are usually unmanageable, high costs and rigid contracts. Are you still convinced by leasing? Then take a look at the car subscription of Carvolution, because here all negative aspects of leasing are omitted. You always have an overview of the total costs of your car, you are flexible, you can adjust your mileage package yourself and everything around the car is included. You only profit from the beautiful aspects of your car.

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