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Many people still drive under the influence of alcohol. This leads to serious traffic accidents on Swiss roads every year that cost many lives. There are various ideas to reduce this or, at best, prevent it completely. Read in the blog everything about alcohol interlocks.

No driving under the influence of alcohol

The idea is simple and straightforward: the driver undergoes an alcohol test by means of a device installed in the vehicle. A potential drink-driving can thus be prevented. But how exactly does it work? The alcohol interlock, also called Alkolock, is a device that prevents driving under the influence of alcohol. If you drive a car that is equipped with an alcohol interlock, your breath alcohol is measured. The device has a small tube to blow into, which looks very similar to the devices used by the police.

If you are sober, you can start your car without any problems, but if the measured value exceeds the legally defined limit you cannot start the engine since a control unit blocks the starter, which prevents you from driving drunk.

Alcohol interlock also in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, the Alkolock system is not (yet) compulsory but there are some companies that have taken it upon themselves and have installed the systems in their trucks on their own. All in all, however, people in Switzerland seem to be rather reluctant to install it. This is not the case in Sweden, where it is already compulsory for trucks, cars, buses, school buses and taxis.

In Finland and France instead, the alcohol interlock is mandatory only in school buses and the results in both countries are very positive.

Alcohol interlock - what are the arguments against it?

On one hand, the high costs are a valid point against the alcohol interlock: not only does the device have to be bought, but installation and maintenance also cost money. These costs must be borne by the driver.

On the other hand, data protection could be a problem. For example, some devices can record failed attempts. Furthermore, it is possible to prevent attempts at manipulation with the help of a camera or facial recognition.

Carvolution cars with alcohol interlock?

At the moment, our Carvolution cars are not yet equipped with Alkolock. However, if the need arises, there will be a possibility to install alcohol interlocks in Carvolution cars in the future. Would you like to drive a car that is equipped with numerous assistance and safety systems? Then you will surely find your dream car among our 35 models of various brands in the Carvolution car subscription.

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