Woman with phone and electric car
Woman with phone and electric car

Car subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. It is therefore not surprising that there are more and more car subscription providers. Compared to leasing or buying a car, customers appreciate the convenience and simplicity of the subscription concept, and in particular the low and clearly calculable costs, whereby they can often also benefit from lower costs. After Carvolution launched in 2018, other providers followed. To make your decision easier, we will show you in this article how Carvolution's service differs from other car subscription providers in Switzerland.

Here's what you should look out for

Get a picture. Read the reviews of the customers and make sure that they are not only the best ones. Also read those that were critical and see how the company reacted. This says a lot about the car subscription provider and the company culture. You can use the testimonials page or our Google reviews to help you with this.

Read exactly what all-inclusive means. The Auto-Abo is characterised by its all-inclusive bundle, but what does that mean exactly? Customers quickly get the impression that all providers mean the same thing. This is not the case. Find out in detail on the FAQ page what is included in the Carvolution service and compare this with other providers.

Check the condition of the car. Many providers focus on used cars, most of which have a high mileage and are of a certain age. The older a car is, the more often unexpected defects and damage occur that require repair. The equipment of the vehicles also differs greatly in some cases. A close look at the details is recommended here. In order to offer you the best car subscription experience, Carvolution only uses new or very new vehicles. On the car page you will find the complete overview of our offer.

Find out how the service works. What do you have to do as a customer when a service or tyre change is due? What is the communication procedure? Would an accident abroad be insured? These are all important questions that should be clarified in advance. Carvolution offers an app for this purpose, on which you can easily and flexibly solve your concerns. Whether you want to report a claim, adjust the mileage package, view the general terms and conditions and invoices, or call up information about your own tyre garage, everything can be found in no time at all.

Carvolution at a glance

  • Founded in 2018 in Bannwil, BE, Carvolution is the pioneer car subscription provider and number 1 in Switzerland.

  • With a selection of over 50 popular models - from small cars for the city to premium SUVs, electric, hybrid or traditional.

  • Transparency and full control over your subscription in the Carvolution app.

  • The best-known car subscription brand in Switzerland, represented in publications such as Comparis, Tages Anzeiger, Moneyland, NZZ, Auto Illustrierte and many more.

  • Winner of the Swiss Economic Award 2022 for Startups in the category "Services".

Carvolution vs. Carify

Both car subscription providers offer an all-round carefree solution, at a fixed monthly price. Carvolution basically focuses on new cars or cars in very good condition and offers attractive subscription prices. The generally lower prices are the result of a uniform vehicle fleet, a high order volume and a highly digitalised, lean fleet management. The Zurich-based provider Carify, on the other hand, is moving more in the direction of a platform on which partner garages advertise their vehicles, mainly used cars. On the other hand, Carify offers a larger selection of vehicles.

Carify also offers a premium insurance package for CHF 89 per month, without a deductible in the event of damage. Whether this is worthwhile for customers depends on your individual driving behaviour. If you would like to see the exact bill or even the entire comparison, you will find it in the blog article Carify vs. Carvolution.

Carvolution vs. Gowago

While Carvolution specialises in an all-inclusive subscription with new cars and very new vehicles, Gowago sees itself primarily as a leasing provider. There are several gradations, whereby only the all-in-one leasing "Premium" is comparable with the Carvolution car subscription. As in the previous comparison with Carify, Gowago is a platform for the listing of vehicles by dealers. The Zurich-based company's offer includes both new and used cars. Thanks to the cooperation with their partner garages, they offer a wide selection, although some of the vehicles may therefore be older.

Since Gowago is a leasing provider, there is usually a larger down payment at the beginning, usually 10% of the vehicle value. However, customers can also choose not to make a down payment, but this increases the leasing rate further. Carvolution does not have such a down payment. The leasing duration at Gowago is usually 24 - 48 months, far less flexible than the subscription durations at Carvolution, which are 3 - 48 months. You are welcome to read the detailed comparison on the Gowago vs. Carvolution blog article.

Carvolution vs. Clyde

Established companies are also betting on the car subscription concept. For example, one of the leading car dealerships in Switzerland, AMAG, has founded the subsidiary Clyde. Both car subscription providers have an all-round carefree solution with only minimal differences in performance. However, the selection at Clyde is very limited, as only cars are offered that were not convincing in the classic sale or lease from AMAG. Leasing returns can also be found in some cases.

Slightly misleading are the low ex-prices of Clyde, which are due to the relatively small kilometre package (250 KM per month) and the long subscription duration (48 months) on their car overview page. Find all other relevant info on the comparison on the Clyde vs. Carvolution blog article.

Carvolution vs. ViveLaCar

ViveLaCar is a German mobility company with a Swiss branch in Hünenberg, ZG. The biggest difference to Carvolution is that ViveLaCar is a pure platform. Vehicles come from authorised brand dealers of the respective manufacturer brand. Both new and used cars are available, sometimes up to 50'000 KM mileage and up to 4 years old.

Both companies offer an all-inclusive solution. The subscription periods are more flexible with Carvolution (3-48 months) than with ViveLaCar (6-36 months). The longer you choose the Carvolution car subscription, the lower the monthly subscription price, while the duration of a ViveLaCar subscription has no influence on the price. This is largely determined by the KM package (500 km - 2500 km). Find all other relevant info on the comparison on the ViveLaCar vs. Carvolution blog article.

The original: Why the Carvolution car subscription is convincing

The car subscription jungle in Switzerland is constantly growing. Providers from different industries with different backgrounds are pushing into the competitive market. Often, the impression is created that the subscription offers hardly differ from each other. But if you look at the details, you can see the subtle and decisive differences. As pioneers and experts for car subscriptions in Switzerland, we feel obliged to offer you as customers the best service and the best price-performance ratio, as well as to show you the Swiss car subscription market in a transparent way. In conclusion, you have to decide for yourself which car subscription suits you best. New or used car, kilometre package adjustments, wide choice or rather super price? The decision is entirely up to you. If you are interested in a car subscription from Carvolution, you can find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription here.

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