Woman with App Car Manufacturer
Woman with App Car Manufacturer

There are already many, many apps in the App Store or Google Play. And now there are even more. More and more car manufacturers are offering an app. But what are these apps all about and what do you have to bear in mind? Find out all about them in this blog post.

Apps and their convenience

Apps are designed to bring fun and convenience to drivers. You can play your favourite music on the car radio, easily find the nearest garage or send saved addresses from your smartphone directly into the car navigation system. Some vehicles even have their own sim card. There are now no limits to your imagination.The smartphone and the car communicate with each other online via the manufacturer's server. For example, in winter, you can turn on the heating in your car while you are still in bed, and do the same in summer with the air conditioning. However, you should bear in mind that a lot of your personal data is shared in this way. Here are 3 examples of apps from car manufacturers and what they allow you to do.


The Mercedes me App connects your Mercedes-Benz to your smartphone. So you always have your car at hand, even when you are not near it. The app also has a store, the Mercedes me Store. There you can purchase additional functions, such as Live Traffic Information: traffic data is displayed in real time on the navigation system. Or the "Vehicle Monitoring" function, which lets you know at any time where your vehicle is on the road or where you have parked it. Or the "Vehicle Set-up" function: you are always connected to your Mercedes-Benz and can display important data via the app, such as the fuel level or tyre pressure.


With the MyŠKODA app, you always have your Škoda at hand and under control. Here, too, you can access all the essential functions of your car via your smartphone. You can also check your fuel level at any time or the driving data for the last route you took. You can also check whether you have locked your car or where you have parked it. And if necessary, you can also use the horn and indicator functions via your smartphone.


The BMW app - My BMW App - also connects you to your BMW, even when you're not driving. For example, you can plan your trips from the comfort of your sofa and send the destination directly to your BMW via the app. In summer, you can also use the app to air-condition your BMW before you leave or check the remaining range. And if you're not sure whether you've locked your BMW after the journey, you can do so conveniently via the app if necessary. When the next service is due, you will be notified via the app and you can book the appointment directly.


As you can see, the manufacturers’ app make life easier and more convenient for drivers. Locking your car remotely, finding a parking space in the underground car park or preheating your car in the winter - it's that easy nowadays. At Carvolution, you can of course also use the car manufacturers’ apps. If you want to use additional functions, you pay for them yourself. That way, everyone only pays for exactly what they need.

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