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The popularity of car subscriptions is growing all the time. New providers are constantly appearing on the Swiss market, which is not surprising, as the Swiss see the car subscription as a simple and very interesting alternative to buying and leasing in terms of price. In this blog post, read all about the differences between the two car subscription providers Arval and Carvolution.

The all-inclusive package

The all-inclusive package, which is one of the features of the car subscription, is included with both providers. This means that insurance, tax, tyres and tyre storage, cantonal registration, service and maintenance are included. With Carvolution, a fuel card from AVIA or a recharge card from evpass is also included. You save 5 cents/litre when filling up and also when recharging: instead of 50 cents/kWh, you only pay 45 cents/kWh.


With Arval, you have the option of driving your car for 36 or 48 months. With Carvolution you can choose between 7 minimum terms. If you only need your car for a few months, or if you want to try out an electric car, for example, you can drive your new car for only 3 or 6 months. If you know you will be driving for longer, you can choose a minimum term of 36 or 48 months. The longer the minimum term, the lower the monthly fixed price.

Changing tyres

Tyres are changed twice a year. Arval and Carvolution will contact you to inform you that a tyre change will take place. It is up to you to make an appointment with the garage and then you will go to a partner garage to have your tyres changed.

Carvolution differs in the following respects:

  • With Carvolution, an AVIA fuel card or an evpass charging card is included in the all-inclusive package

  • Over 300 reviews on Google. The Carvolution community is growing every day

  • A useful app. The subscription is quickly available and you can adjust the monthly kilometrage package yourself.

  • Available 7 days a week via live chat

  • Mobiliar is a strategic partner

Which subscription suits you?

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which subscription suits you best and meets your needs. Do you want to be as flexible as possible? Is it important to you to drive a new car? Do you want to choose your own insurance deductible? If you decide to get a car with Carvolution, you can find all our vehicles here. You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.

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