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Icy windows, road salt and icy roads - that's winter. The cold season also affects your car, because snow, wetness and frost leave their mark. To help you and your car get through the winter, this blog tells you what you can do to protect your car from icy windows and what to do if they do become so.

Preparing for winter

In winter, your car is exposed to snow, rain, hail, icy roads and road salt. All this promotes the development of rust. That's why you should go to the car wash one or two times more in winter. With the car wash, salts and dirt are reliably removed from the paintwork and other car parts. Don't forget to wash the underbody of your car as well. Once you have finished washing the car, or the car wash, you must make sure that your car is allowed to dry completely. This is because the cool air usually takes a little longer.

Cover the windows in frosty weather

If you park your car and cover the windscreen with a protective aluminium mat, this will help to prevent ice from forming on the windscreen. If you don't have such a protective mat, you can also cut open a rubbish bag and wedge it in the door at both ends. If ice and snow have accumulated on it overnight, you can simply remove the bag. However, never use newspapers or cardboard. These would get soaked by the moisture and freeze to the window pane.

Icy windows

If you have no way of covering your windscreen and now have iced-up windows, you must de-ice them before driving off. And do it completely. Just scratching a peephole is far too dangerous, because you don't have a complete view of the road. You will also receive a warning and a possible fine. If there is an accident, it can be really expensive.

To clear your car windows, you can use a simple ice scraper or a de-icer spray. Simply spray the spray onto the layer of ice and let it work for a few minutes. Afterwards, you can simply wipe off the slushy mass.


When the temperatures start to drop in autumn, you should replace some of the coolant with antifreeze. This prevents the coolant from freezing and protects the radiator from rusting, as well as the channels and the water pump. If the coolant freezes, however, the entire cooling system can be destroyed. Therefore, check in good time whether there is enough antifreeze in the coolant. For this check, the car must be stationary and the engine must have cooled down sufficiently.

How to get through the winter safely

Every year - winter and its low temperatures are just around the corner. With these tips and tricks, you won't have frozen car windows or you will have them de-iced in no time.

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