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Car owners underestimate their total cost by 50%. A German study found out that consumers underestimate the cost of their car by 221 Euros. Although the study was conducted in Germany, most of the results are probably transferable to the whole of Europe, including Switzerland.

This misinterpretation amounts to 52% of the actual costs. The total costs are thus almost twice as high as one might think. This was described by authors in a scientific commentary. This appeared in the journal Nature, referring to a study by the RWI Leibniz Institute, the University of Mannheim and the US University of Yale.

Comparative table of car costs.

Actual car expenses

Source: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/au..., 07.05.2020.

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Car ownership facts

  • Fact 1: Most car owners do not have an overview of the total cost of their car. How could they? One quickly loses track of workshop bills, fuel costs or insurance.
  • Fact 2: If most car owners had this overview, we would live in a greener world. Because if they had the knowledge of the actual costs, fewer people would buy their own car and thus there would be significantly fewer vehicles on the roads. Such a drastic reduction would mean less congestion and cleaner air.

To get a better overview of the total costs, the idea is that cars are labelled with the total costs at the point of sale. Such an information policy influences the buying behaviour of consumers. Many countries, such as the USA, Japan or even China already require that new cars offered for sale are labelled with the average future fuel costs for their journey.

We at Carvolution already offer our cars with prices based on these total costs. You are only responsible for the fuel costs yourself. There has to be a little bit of responsibility as well. Everything else is included in the price, like services, insurance, taxes or even the motorway toll sticker. So it is understandable that the price seems expensive at first sight. But you always have an overview of the total costs and you will never under- or overestimate them.

What does the price consist of?

Carvolution buys the cars in large quantities with quantity discounts. This way customers benefit from low prices. Customers cannot configure the cars themselves, but Carvolution makes sure that no wishes remain unfulfilled when it comes to car equipment. So you can always adapt your car to your personal situation. And if the situation changes, you can easily change or return the car. Here (links to vehicles) you will find all all inclusive cars from Carvolution.

Carvolution makes every effort to ensure that you always have an overview of the total costs. With our volume discounts the car costs you less and you are flexible in your choice of car. Furthermore, you only have your car for as long as you need it. In this way, you make an additional contribution to the environment and clean air.

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