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The car subscription is not only enjoying growing popularity among private customers, but is also increasingly establishing itself as a convincing mobility solution for business customers. With its advantages such as flexibility and transparent costs, the car subscription offers companies an attractive alternative to conventional leasing or purchasing.

Subscribing to the company fleet instead of leasing - the ideal solution for more and more companies. B2B customer Jamie, a social worker at Sofa - Soziale Fachdienstleistungen AG, is also convinced by the car subscription: "We are growing rapidly and now have many cases for which we have to drive longer distances. Public transport makes little sense and many of our employees don't have a private car." The organisation offers professional social work services and is reliant on being mobile and meeting clients. With the car subscription, it can provide its employees with a car flexibly and easily.

Flexibility for every business situation

Companies need flexible mobility solutions. The big advantage of a car subscription? It adapts to different business requirements:

Company cars for individual employees

Personnel changes in teams, such as the hiring of new employees or the departure of colleagues, often lead to increased administrative work, especially when it comes to the provision of company cars. Luca, Team Leader Sales at Lohmann & Rauscher, has found an efficient solution to meet these challenges thanks to Carvolution: "With the car subscription, I can flexibly plan when and for how long which employee gets a car. As cars are sometimes available at very short notice with Carvolution, this makes my planning much easier."

From temporary to long-term

It is precisely this flexibility in terms of time that business customers greatly appreciate. Compared to leasing, which has often been seen as the ideal solution for financing a vehicle fleet, a car subscription offers far greater flexibility. Leasing contracts are usually designed for long terms of 36 to 48 months, and early exit can be costly. With Carvolution, companies can subscribe to cars for as little as three months - ideal for temporary projects or assignments of foreign colleagues.

Transparent cost control thanks to an all-in-one solution

A key advantage of the car subscription is the transparent cost structure. Companies benefit from a fixed monthly price that includes all costs:

  • Insurance

  • Cantonal registration

  • Taxes

  • Service and maintenance

  • Tyres and storage

Niklas Dula, CEO of Stadlin SA, was able to minimise the risk of being financially tied to a car for a long time thanks to Carvolution: "The monthly costs are easy to plan and budget, because we always know how much the car will cost thanks to the fixed monthly price."

Fleet management becomes child's play

But it's not just the costs that need to be kept under control. The more cars there are in use, the more complex the management of the vehicle fleet becomes. Luca from Lohmann & Rauscher also experienced this: "Previously, we leased and bought cars, both new and used. But then it became increasingly difficult to keep track of when contracts end, what costs are incurred or when services are due."

With Carvolution, fleet management is simplified by a user-friendly app. Companies can monitor their cars, costs and mileage. This digital solution enables companies to manage their fleet efficiently, which leads to a reduction in administrative work.


Whether it's the provision of a single car or an entire fleet, the car subscription offers a simple solution that adapts to the dynamic needs of companies. With its flexible term options, transparent costs and simplified fleet management, Carvolution's car subscription is a smart choice for companies.

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