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“We can adjust the kilometrage flexibly upwards or downwards, which allows us to adapt the subscription to the company's situation", explains Niklas Dula, CEO of Stadlin AG. In an interview he explains how Carvolution makes his life easier.

Niklas, tell us about your company in one or two sentences

With pleasure, Saskia. We manufacture façade elements and also offer our customers a complete service. We manufacture the elements, manage and sell them, and if a repair is needed, we do it immediately. The company is now in its 4th generation and we have between 25 and 30 employees.

Why did you choose Carvolution?

On the one hand, it's the flexibility and low acquisition costs, so we don't have a capital commitment. In addition, there is also the possibility of adaptation. For example, if an employee were to leave our company, we can simply terminate the car subscription after the minimum term. What is also very easy with the subscription is that the number of kilometres can be adjusted flexibly. And because Carvolution takes care of everything concerning the car, we don't have to do any administrative work.

Niklas, what do you need the cars for?

They are company cars for our management. The cars are needed for meetings with customers, visits to construction sites, etc. and can also be used privately in everyday life.

What challenges did we solve for you?

You were able to minimise the risk of being financially tied to a car for a long time. After all, you never know what will happen. In addition, no down payment was required, which allowed us to have a low capital commitment and low investment costs. The monthly costs are also easy to plan and budget for, as we always know how much the car will cost thanks to the fixed monthly price. And finally, Carvolution takes care of all the administrative work for us.

So you could say that term and flexibility are at the forefront.

What does Carvolution lack?

We always need more commercial vehicles, it would be great if you could include more in your offer. In addition, we want to drive only electric vehicles by 2030. So it would be great if you could also expand the range of electric cars.

What other companies could benefit from the Carvolution car subscription?

The construction industry, assembly companies and the IT sector spring to mind. In fact, all companies that work on temporary projects. Especially when the duration of the projects is not known. Thanks to the flexibility of the Carvolution subscription, the car does not remain unused and expensive, but can be returned if necessary.

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