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"All the administrative work [of the vehicles] has been reduced to a minimum and we can concentrate on our core business again", says Reto Breitenmoser, CIO of atexxi systems AG, about Carvolution. With eSyNet, Atexxi offers an intelligent logistics solution for the distribution of medicines in hospitals and homes. Mr. Breitenmoser explains why he is enthusiastic about Carvolution and what the advantages are.

M. Breitenmoser, what is the core business of your company?

Breitenmoser: eSyNet kills several birds with one stone: the quality of the process supporting the drug supply increases, the nursing staff is relieved of several repetitive tasks and the documentation of the drug supply is automated. Nurses can focus on care again, without administrative effort.

Why did you decide to use the services of Carvolution?

We want to concentrate on our core business: the manufacture and sale of intelligent medicine cabinets. What we don't want is to have to deal with vehicle insurance and paperwork. With Carvolution, we can just get in the car and go. We don't have to worry about anything. We also want to stay small and agile. The flexibility of Carvolution was definitely a decisive factor. We can determine the minimum duration ourselves and adjust the mileage package on a monthly basis. This is exactly what we need.

Flexibility is particularly important with new employees, who can drive a car for only 6 months or more by extending the subscription. And if one of the new employees leaves us again, we can simply return the car. With a leasing contract, the cars would remain unused in the car park for years.

Why do you need these cars?

We need these cars for our sales staff.

What difficulties have we eliminated for you?

Without Carvolution, we would have had to rent a car. What to do with the car at the end of the leasing contract? What about the down payment and the residual value? All these things would have had to be taken into account, which is a lot of effort. With Carvolution, this is no longer the case. We can simply let the subscription continue after the minimum term, return the vehicle or choose a new one online. All the administrative work has been reduced to a minimum and we can concentrate on our core business again.

Is there anything missing from the Carvolution service?

Not from our point of view! We are very satisfied. The whole process, from ordering to collecting the vehicle, was very simple and the staff are always extremely friendly.

What other companies could benefit from the Carvolution car subscription?

Hmm, it's hard to say. I think the model is suitable for SMEs that want to remain flexible and don't want to have to constantly look after their fleet.

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