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"The main reason why we chose Carvolution is the price. This is also in comparison to other providers", says Laura Perez, Mobility Coordinator for Europe at DPR Construction AG. Find out in this interview why she particularly appreciates Carvolution's flexible conditions.

Ms. Perez, what exactly does your company do?

Perez: DPR Construction is a construction company that was founded in the USA. We construct buildings, data centres but also, for example, medical equipment for hospitals. In recent years, we have expanded our activities in Europe. Our subsidiaries in the West are still young, but we are growing fast.

Why did you choose Carvolution?

The main reason was the great price compared to other providers. Flexibility was also a decisive factor. The minimum durations are the ideal solution for us, especially for temporary projects. We also appreciate the great and proactive customer service. Communication was very easy from the beginning and still is.

What is the intended use of the cars?

Our cars are needed for our employees who have to commute between temporary projects in Switzerland. Carvolution is the perfect solution for this. If the project duration is extended, Carvolution is flexible, as is the duration of the subscription.

How could Carvolution help in the past?

There was one incident, but it was resolved quickly, courteously and professionally by Carvolution. We know that our staff can contact Carvolution at any time and that they will receive a response within 24 hours. No one has been able to offer this service before. Communication with Carvolution is always easy and friendly.

What does Carvolution lack?

Pick-up and drop-off locations near Zurich airport would be great. Many of our employees travel through this airport. I also think it would be an interesting solution for expats.

Which companies could benefit from Carvolution's car subscription?

Other companies whose employees commute between temporary projects. The flexibility of Carvolution is particularly ideal for projects where it is not clear in advance how long they will last.

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