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For Beni Huber, CEO of ECCO2 Solutions AG, using cars for temporary projects is logical and inexpensive. Thanks to Carvolution, he can concentrate fully on his core tasks again. In this interview you will find out how ECCO2 is committed to sustainability, what he sees as the advantages of Carvolution and which companies he recommends the young startup to.

Beni, tell us about your company

Beni Huber: With pleasure. ECCO2 Solutions AG, was founded in 2019, but is based on a technology that has already been successfully established on the market since 2014. The focus is on the predictive optimisation and control of existing heating systems in large buildings. Through digitalisation, we make a major contribution to climate protection and can save up to 20% in energy and CO2.

We are active throughout Switzerland, have a large growth phase behind us and are thus making an important contribution to a more sustainable Switzerland.

In your opinion, what were the 3 decisive points in choosing Carvolution?

First of all, I would like to point out that you have an extremely fast response time. I asked you a question in the chat and was told that someone would answer me. Two hours later, Bijan Rafati, B2B sales manager, had already called me back. In addition, the flexibility is worth mentioning. By this I mean the availability of vehicles. You do justice to our very dynamic working day and fully cover our needs. And thirdly, it was important for us to have a partner who, like us, is active throughout Switzerland.

Beni, why does ECCO2 need Carvolution's cars?

Our installation teams are on the road in teams of 2 for a certain period of time in different regions. With the cars, they go to different locations and do the installation work.

Why did your company need vehicles at short notice?

We usually plan these large projects well in advance. Recently, however, this has become increasingly difficult due to delivery delays and changes in plans due to Covid-19. Carvolution has therefore been able to react and deliver quickly.

Is there anything Carvolution is missing?

It would be nice to be able to drive specific utility vehicles. Commercial vehicles are welcome, especially in the construction sector. But otherwise, I am very satisfied with what Carvolution has to offer.

Which companies would you recommend Carvolution to?

I'm thinking mainly of companies that often have temporary projects, and here I'm thinking of the construction industry. The car-related costs are transparent, which is very useful, especially for individual projects. In addition, the administrative effort is minimal and you can concentrate on the essential tasks.

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