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"Picking up the vehicle at the Bannwil site was a great moment for our employees", says Willi Gebert of Feusi AG. In order to standardise and simplify the return trips between the two production sites in the cantons of Schwyz and St. Gallen, the manufacturing company decided to use Carvolution. In this interview, Gebert reveals, among other things, what were the decisive reasons for choosing Carvolution.

Mr. Gebert, what does your company do?

Gebert: Feusi AG is a manufacturing company with a long tradition since 1956. We currently employ 54 people at 2 production sites in the cantons of Schwyz and St. Gallen. With a state-of-the-art machine park of 47 machining centres on a production area of 6,500 m2, we machine high-precision turned and milled parts from all metallic and non-metallic materials.

Why did you choose Carvolution? What were the four decisive points?

1. Efficiency. In my opinion, it is much more efficient to have one contact person who takes care of everything for me. Insurance, service and tyres, Carvolution takes care of all that.
2. Flexibility. Compared to leasing, the car subscription is much more flexible. I can adapt the contract to the needs of my employees and the company. I also find the minimum terms very practical. I can extend the subscription, take out a new car or terminate on a monthly basis. Things are not as easy with a leasing.
3. Simplicity. I was able to order the car for my employees conveniently and easily from home via the homepage of the website and did not have to worry about anything. Communication and the whole process is very easy with Carvolution, friendly and professional at all times.
4. Price. In our case Carvolution is cheaper than leasing and this is of course a very important and decisive criterion.

What are the vehicles used for?

Our two production sites are quite far apart, but we want them both to be used efficiently and managed in a uniform manner. As a result, our employees often work at both sites, which means that they have to travel a long way to get there. Thanks to the Carvolution vehicles, they can now travel between the two production sites conveniently and comfortably.

What challenges could be met in this way?

It was very important to me that our employees were satisfied despite the expansion of production and work. Thanks to Carvolution, we have succeeded in making this change, the employees are proud and happy with the new cars and driving time becomes a pleasure. In the future, we will also be able to replace the cars already purchased with the Carvolution subscription.

In the past, you could only lease (or buy) a car, there was nothing else. Thanks to Carvolution, I don't have to worry about everything to do with the car and I can concentrate on my main tasks. We have much less administrative work than before.

Is there anything missing from the Carvolution service?

No, not at the moment. My employees and I are very satisfied. The collection of the vehicles was also a very good experience. The cars were explained in detail and there was enough time for all questions. Of course, the range of vehicles could be a bit wider, but basically we have nothing to complain about.

Which companies would you recommend Carvolution to?

Basically, all companies with professional vehicles. I can really recommend Carvolution to everyone. Especially SMEs with a sales force. Our employees can even enjoy social benefits thanks to Carvolution. In other words, Carvolution is suitable for any company with employees (laughs).

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