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B2B customer Jaime Gerner, a social worker at Sofa - Soziale Fachdienstleistungen AG, tells us why he chose Carvolution. He is completely satisfied with Carvolution and recommends the car subscription to all those who want to concentrate fully on their work and no longer want to worry about their car or fleet.

Jaime, please introduce your company

We are an organisation that provides professional services in the field of social work. Most of our employees are social pedagogues and social workers. Our head office is in Brugg. We are now about 50 people in total.

Why did you choose Carvolution?

We are growing rapidly and now have many cases for which we have to travel longer distances. Public transport makes little sense and many of our employees do not have a private car. With Carvolution, we provide them with a car in a completely uncomplicated way.

Personally, I had an old Toyota that was still roadworthy but very uncomfortable for the long distances I have to drive.

What exactly do you need the Carvolution cars for?

First and foremost, we need the cars to meet clients. But we also need the cars privately.

What challenges have we solved with you?

I finally get to drive a new car without having to buy it. I've never had this luxury before!

Besides, I don't have to take care of anything around the car. Insurance, service, tyre changes are all included. We can concentrate fully on our work and don't have to worry about the car.

Is there anything that is still missing?

I don't think so. It's nice that we have a personal contact person who can be reached through various channels - even via What's App. That makes communication much easier.

Which companies would you recommend Carvolution to?

Of course, I recommend Carvolution not only to companies, but also to private individuals. To everyone who drives a lot and wants something comfortable. And to all those who don't want to worry about anything to do with their car. The uncomplicated and fast service is particularly noteworthy.

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