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"We save money with Carvolution. What company would refuse that?" - Tanja, Office Manager at lazoona, is a fan of Carvolution. The inexpensive alternative to buying and leasing convinces her. In addition, she can finally concentrate fully on her core tasks again. In our interview she tells us what it is about Carvolution that convinces her.

Tanja, how would you describe your company?

Tanja: lazoona is a brand of Corris AG - the leading Swiss fundraising agency for information stand advertising. In order to ensure that aid organisations have sufficient funds for their projects in the future, they have to invest part of their income in finding new donors. lazoona has made it its mission to support aid organisations in this important work.

Our core business is door-to-door advertising. We currently employ eight permanent staff and around 200 dialogue workers (sales force team) each year.

Why did you choose Carvolution?

Four points were decisive for us: the flexibility, the administrative effort, which has been significantly reduced, the certainty that someone will take care of the cars and the fact that it is so inexpensive. In addition, it is very important for us to be able to use as renewable a fuel resource as possible. Carvolution has a good selection of hybrid models. Since we do not have a fixed location for the vehicles, we unfortunately cannot (yet) switch to electric motors. However, this is our wish for the future.

In terms of flexibility, we like the fact that we can reserve a car for only three months. We have many different projects and campaigns. We only need the vehicles for the duration of the projects. After that we can easily return them. If a project lasts longer, we simply keep the car longer as well, which we appreciate very much.

Moreover, thanks to Carvolution, we no longer have to worry about administrative tasks. Carvolution has minimised our workload around the cars to such an extent that I can concentrate fully on my main tasks.

Moreover, I know that Carvolution takes care of the cars. I am informed as soon as a tyre change is planned or the car needs to be serviced. I don't have to do it myself. This is a huge relief.

Finally, I would like to mention the point about cost: Carvolution is the cheapest option in our case. Compared to leasing or buying, Carvolution is much cheaper.

For what purpose do you or your company use the Carvolution cars?

We need our cars exclusively for field service: door-to-door advertising. We provide each team with a car, so that they can travel to remote villages to inform a wider target audience about our clients' important issues and projects.

How has Carvolution made your life easier?

Previously, I had to keep the logbook in my hand and take care of maintenance and tyre change appointments. Of course, all this has to be as cost-effective as possible. Now Carvolution takes care of everything for me.

Is there anything missing from Carvolution?

No, nothing. I think the concept is ingenious.

Which companies could benefit from the car subscription?

Any company with professional vehicles. The concept is also excellent for private individuals. You save money with Carvolution and what company wouldn't want that?

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