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"I would recommend Carvolution to those companies that need some mobility due to temporary projects." says Thomas H. managing director at Fiber Five. When the young company needed vehicles, the five founders made a conscious decision not to buy or lease, as this would involve high initial costs. With Carvolution's car subscription, they found the ideal solution. In this interview, Thomas explains the reasons why Fiber Five chose Carvolution.

Fiber Five

The five founders of Fiber Five decided to start their own business a year ago. Fiber Five is at home in the optical fiber technology: "Our goal is to position ourselves where there are niches.", says Thomas. This is because they put great emphasis on individuality. Fiber Five needs business vehicles for their customer visits and that's where Carvolution comes in.

The Carvolution car subscription is convincing

Starting a business in the pandemic, that is challenging. All the more reason to pay attention to flexibility, especially when it comes to financing the fleet. That's why the car subscription from Carvolution was compelling. Thomas continues: "We also chose Carvolution because contracts, procedures and everything else is clearly defined and everything comes from one source." He also appreciates the simplicity and the fact that he no longer has to worry about anything to do with his car.


Fiber Five makes customer visits with the vehicles throughout German-speaking Switzerland. It was clear to them that they wanted to drive well-equipped cars, especially those with safety systems such as lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and distance cruise control. This makes driving so much more comfortable and, above all, safer.

These challenges have been solved

"All the fleet management is eliminated, and I no longer have to deal with insurance or the road traffic office," Thomas says. He now spends much less time in the office and is happy that all the administrative work is gone.

"When we need new cars, it will be Carvolution cars again. There's a fixed price that you can always count on, which makes it so easy for us."

Guaranteed never to pay too much

We guarantee that your total costs will be lower with a car subscription than with leasing. If we are more expensive, we will reduce our prices! Start a free, non-binding comparison now.

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