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You need a car and are thinking about buying a new car or a used car? There are also other options such as leasing, car sharing or a car subscription. All these options have their advantages and disadvantages. But your goal always remains the same: to be able to drive a car exactly according to your needs. Here you will find the points worth considering so that you can soon get into your dream car.

What is there to consider?

Why do I want to buy a car and what do I need it for? The question is less harmless than it seems. Possibilities are the way to work and other job-related applications, the exit on weekends or the use in leisure time. Maybe the car itself is also to some extent your hobby. If you need the car professionally, the questions about the company's share of the costs immediately arise. Tax aspects can also come into play. If you want to go on holiday with a car, it might make more sense to rent a car for this purpose than to drive it all year round with a car designed for this purpose. If the car is also your hobby, it gets even more complicated. Think about whether you also want to drive your hobby device to work every day. In any case, you will arrive at a vehicle type that you would like to purchase. If this type is known, you have to choose a model. Careful procurement of information pays off here. Read the test reports in car magazines and talk to people who are familiar with cars. Above all, make a complete list of all costs incurred such as purchase, taxes, insurance, fuel, repairs, service and accessories such as tires. Safety is a point that is not very important. Even in a rich country like Switzerland, your car must be protected from damage and theft. Depending on the model, this risk situation varies. A further point is the influence of your choice on the chances of resale. Common models and colours offer an advantage here. A more exquisite model also costs more if the purchase price of the new car is the same as if you choose a more common type.

The big question: Do you buy a new car or a used car?

A new car loses about a quarter of its value as soon as you drive it out to the car dealer. Nevertheless, there are of course good reasons to buy a new car. The choice of model, colour and equipment is up to you and completely up to you. In any case, you buy the latest model and benefit from the current state of the art. A new car is in perfect condition and will only be driven in by yourself. You can also be sure that there are no information gaps about the car. Of course, all this has its price. Nevertheless, it can also make economic sense to buy a new car. If you use the car for a long time, the loss in value is distributed accordingly. Also the resale at the end of this period is easier if the car had only one owner. If you buy a used car, you simply go through the list of advantages of a new car and see to it that these points are brought under control as well as possible. First of all, of course, you want to make a selection of cars that meet your expectations. Online you will find a number of websites where you can find offers of vehicles all over Switzerland. Search masks allow you to easily filter the list according to your needs. Look for complete information about the vehicle in the offers. The details that are not mentioned are often exactly the problems that the seller may have deliberately concealed. The advertisements in your short-list are best printed out. But don't neglect the traditional sources either. Remember that you will still drive your car in the real world and not in the virtual world. Occasional car dealers in your area are definitely worth a visit. Even if you won't buy a car there, such visits will give you valuable information about the market and prices. If you have friends who are interested in cars, these are a particularly good source of information, because in this case you can count on information without a conflict of interest. No matter how you have made your choice, the next step is a meeting with the seller. It is best to make an appointment in daylight. But don't forget a flashlight that you can use to inspect car parts such as the underbody, the trunk or other hidden parts. The documentation of the vehicle is particularly important. Before you buy a car, be sure to read the service booklet and the results of the MFK. It is best if you can be accompanied by an expert car expert. If you don't know one, consider whether you should pay a certain amount for it. Buying a car is always a bigger step and avoiding problems at the beginning is almost always the cheapest solution. Online you can easily find checklists for buying a car, which you should definitely pay attention to and use. However, these lists will also show you that there is a lot to consider and therefore expertise is highly recommended, even if it should cost something. Before you actually buy the car, you want to take a test drive. There are also whole lists of points to consider. Remember in particular that only a commercial seller is insured for damages during test drives of his customers. If you buy a car from a private seller, you are liable for such damage. Let us now assume that you have decided to buy the car. This purchase must then be processed in a legally sound manner. Again, small savings on the contract can end up being very expensive. Even if you want to use a standard contract, a legal expert or at least an experienced car buyer should check the text.

However, there is another alternative to buying a new car or a used car. You can take out a car subscription and easily complete many of the above points. For a monthly fixed price you get a car and all costs except fuel and parking fees are covered. Compare your cost statement for a new car with this solution before you decide to actually buy the car instead of simply paying for its use.

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