BMW Background

BMW - short for Bayerische Motoren Werke - is one of the world's most renowned German premium automobile brands, which stands for innovation, quality and an unrivalled driving experience.

Since its foundation in 1916, BMW has become a symbol of performance and luxury. BMW originally started out as a manufacturer of aeroplane engines. It was not until 1928 that the company presented its first car, the BMW 3/15.

By February 1932, more than 12,000 of these 15-18 bhp cars had been built, marking the beginning of BMW's success story, which now sees the company producing well over 2 million cars a year.

What is BMW known for?

  • Excellent driving dynamics: BMW cars are renowned for their agile handling, precise steering and sporty performance.

  • Elegant design: Both the interior and exterior of a BMW combine functionality with aesthetics, marking their premium approach.

  • Safety technologies: With innovative safety systems and assistance functions, BMW has long been setting standards in the automotive market.

What is the price-performance ratio of BMW?

Positioned as a premium brand, BMW offers the highest quality and advanced technology. This is also reflected in its prices. However, the car subscription offers an attractive solution for driving a BMW and at the same time having low, transparent total costs - the alternative to buying or leasing a car!

BMW at Carvolution

As a leading car subscription provider, Carvolution almost always has various BMW models on offer. Known for their sporty driving experience and high quality workmanship, there is a model to suit every taste.

Fun Facts about BMW

  • Electric cars since 1972: The first BMW electric car saw the light of day in 1972: the BMW 1602 Electric.

  • Luxury yachts and aircraft: BMW Group Designworks provides design services not only for cars, but also for luxury yachts and aircraft.

  • Pioneer in motorsport: With victories in Formula 1, the Isle of Man TT and numerous touring car championships, innovations in motorsport have often paved the way for technologies used in production vehicles.


BMW is known for premium vehicles with outstanding performance and luxury, combined with a unique driving experience. Carvolution's car subscription shows that fun doesn't have to be expensive. With our selection of BMW models on subscription, we offer a simple, flexible and affordable alternative to buying or leasing.

Besides BMW, Audi and Volvo are also premium brands that are very popular in Switzerland and often offer comparable value for money.

Deals with down payment

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