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Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, Ford is one of the world's oldest car manufacturers. The company's founder was not only a brilliant entrepreneur, but also a visionary who paved the way for mass production with the then innovative assembly line in 1913. Today, Ford remains among the world's top 10 automakers.

Ford also left its mark early on in Switzerland. With models such as the Escort, Ford was already represented at the first international Klausen races in the 1920s and '30s.

What is Ford known for?

  • A wide range of models: From compact cars to spacious SUVs, station wagons and vans, Ford offers its customers a wide range of models.

  • Value for money: Ford remains true to its tradition of offering cars at a fair price, despite their high quality and advanced technology.

  • Efficiency and economy: Thanks to efficient Eco-Boost engines, Ford models are renowned for their low fuel consumption and environmental friendliness. Ideal for new drivers.

What is Ford's value for money?

Ford stands for quality and innovation at an affordable price. With the All-in-One car subscription, customers also benefit from a fixed monthly price, flexible terms and kilometre packages, as well as an attractive price compared to buying or leasing.

Our bestseller: favourable conditions with the Ford car subscription

Ford has always been one of Carvolution's absolute bestsellers. The Ford Fiesta in particular has been one of the most popular models in recent years.Customers appreciate the quality and reliability of our Ford models. Whether Kuga, Puma or Focus, Carvolution's Ford models are the perfect choice for those who value good quality equipment at favourable conditions. Take a look at our current models and filter according to your preferences.

Fun Facts about Ford

  • Inventor of the assembly line: Henry Ford revolutionised automobile production in 1913 by introducing the assembly line. A milestone in automotive history.

  • Luxury yachts and aircraft: In one of motorsport's greatest upsets, Ford won the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans four times in a row with the GT40, starting in 1966.

  • Pioneer in motorsport: Ford is particularly well known in the USA for the F-Series, which has been the country's best-selling pickup for decades.


Having started out in America, Ford is now a world-renowned brand and has become increasingly popular in Europe over the last few decades. And rightly so, in our opinion, as the quality, efficiency and value for money are just right.

At Carvolution we offer you a wide range of Ford models at attractive prices through our car subscriptions. Each subscription not only includes the car, but is an All-in-One solution that includes insurance, service, tax and tires, so you can concentrate on the driving experience.

A Ford Subscription isn't just about driving a quality car. It is also a hassle-free package that allows you to travel flexibly and comfortably. In addition to Ford, Smart and Fiat are two other premium brands that are very popular in Switzerland and offer comparable value for money.

Deals with down payment

With our down payment deals, you benefit from an even lower car subscription price. Discover various brands and receive your non-binding offer!

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