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The Peugeot brand is the oldest car brand still in existence, having been founded in 1810 as a steel foundry in Sochaux, France. It was not until 1891 that the first mass production of cars was launched. Since then, the Peugeot Group PSA has produced more than 50 million vehicles.

Peugeot also has close ties with Switzerland. Not only because Sochaux is only about 20 minutes from the Swiss border. Swiss products were also used in the production of the cars. In 1899, 1.5 hp Zedel engines from Switzerland were used for motorcycles, which still had no clutch or gearbox.

What is Peugeot known for?

  • Reliability: Peugeot's are regularly rated as low maintenance and durable. This is reflected in the 'Peugeot Service Promise', a brand promise of transparent, fast and high quality maintenance.

  • Design: Since 2022, Peugeot has had a new brand identity with a sporty, clear and uncluttered design, including a new logo.

  • Efficiency: Peugeot is renowned for developing efficient engines, such as the PureTech petrol engines. These ensure low fuel consumption and low CO₂ emissions.

What is the price-performance ratio of Peugeot?

Peugeot has long been known for its excellent value for money. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, it offers high-quality workmanship and innovative technologies. On the other hand, the efficient engines and the guarantee promise, especially for electric motors, ensure high value stability.

Experience Peugeot with the Carvolution car subscription

Peugeot's new sporty design is not only popular, it can also be experienced today. Several new Peugeot's are already available on an All-in-One subscription as an integral part of the Carvolution offers. This allows you to experience the benefits of the new models without a long-term commitment at an attractive price.

As an alternative to buying or leasing, a car subscription includes all costs in the monthly price - from insurance, maintenance and service to taxes and registration. Even tyre changes are included, giving you maximum cost control and minimum worry.

Fun facts about Peugeot

  • Pepper mills and cars: Peugeot began its history not with cars, but with the production of coffee, pepper and salt mills. This unusual product range is still available today.

  • Three-wheeled vehicle: Peugeot's entry into car manufacturing in 1886 was also rather unusual. The Serpollet tricycle was Peugeot's first vehicle and powered by steam.

  • Electric car from 1941: Due to fuel restrictions during the Second World War, Peugeot introduced the VLV model in 1941. It was a small electric vehicle and arguably the first of its kind.


Even though Peugeot is the oldest car brand in the world, there is certainly no shortage of innovation and new designs! So if you're looking for an efficient and modern car at a good price, Peugeot is the place to be!

With Carvolution, you can experience one of the new models for yourself with a car subscription. The All-in-One package includes not only the vehicle itself, but also all the necessary services such as insurance, maintenance, taxes, registration and tyre changes.

You can also use the Individual Total Cost Calculator to work out your cost advantage and make sure you pay less than you would with leasing. In addition to Peugeot, Seat and Ford are two other brands that are very popular in Switzerland and are known for their value for money.

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