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Originally launched in 1994 as a joint venture between Swatch and Mercedes, the Smart brand has since become synonymous with urban mobility. With its compact and agile vehicles, the brand has developed a unique design language that continues to inspire to this day.

And although Smart is now equally owned by Mercedes-Benz and the Chinese car manufacturer Geely, the company has a Swiss history. Nicolas Hayek, founder of the Swiss Swatch Group, laid the foundations for Smart's success with his vision of a Swatch car and the commercialisation of the idea of an urban vehicle.

What is Smart known for?

  • Compactness: Smart cars are of course known for their compact size, which makes them ideal for urban traffic. Whether for small parking spaces or narrow streets.

  • Innovative design: Smart vehicles stand out from the crowd with their modern, functional and at the same time unique design. The intelligent use of space offers both comfort and style.

  • Efficiency: Smart is renowned for its low fuel consumption thanks to its low weight and efficient engines. In addition, all of the manufacturer's new models are also or exclusively available as electric versions.

What is the price-performance ratio of Smart?

Overall, Smart cars offer very good value for money. Especially if you are interested in electric cars and consider the often extensive standard equipment. Due to their size, Smarts are of course also an excellent option for those looking for a stylish, practical and affordable city car. The price-performance ratio for a Smart only gets even better with the All-in-One subscription from Carvolution.

Smart at Carvolution: urban driving pleasure with maximum flexibility

With Carvolution, you don't just get lots of driving fun and comfort with a Smart. You also benefit from extensive equipment and, thanks to the car subscription, carefree use. With our all-in-one subscription, customers benefit from a transparent monthly price that includes insurance, service & maintenance, registration, taxes and tyre changes in addition to the car.

With the total cost calculator, you can also find out your personal cost benefit and ensure that you pay less than with leasing.

Fun facts about Smart

  • The right timing”: The Smart brand was officially launched when Swiss watchmaker Swiss and German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz joined forces.

  • Naming: The name "Smart" is an acronym made up of the words Swatch, Mercedes and Art.

  • University work: The idea of a microcar was not only the concern of Mercedes. German universities also worked on the concept of a microcar in the 1980s and 1990s, in some cases under the direction of future Smart project managers.


Founded on the premise of building a microcar, Smart has successfully maintained its position in the niche market to this day. The models are not only ideal for urban use, but also for those looking for a flexible and efficient car.

At Carvolution, we offer you the opportunity to experience the latest Smart models while enjoying the benefits of our all-in-one car subscription. All costs in one transparent monthly price - from insurance to taxes, service & maintenance to seasonal tyre changes. All you have to do is refuel/charge.

In addition to Smart, Audi and Ford are two other brands that are very popular in Switzerland and are known for their value for money.

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